Friday, October 31, 2014


As a music lover, this time of year fills me with all kind of excitement. People are moved by music. Take your favorite Horror movie remove the music and it’s not quite as scary as it once was. If you don’t hear the piano music in Halloween you don’t quite fear Michael Myers as you do when you hear it. Freddy isn’t quite as scary without that haunting 1…2…Freddy’s Coming for you …. Song. Haunted houses make the best use of this by using some of the scariest sounds out there to enhance the experience. No Halloween party is respectable without a great playlist behind it.

So I thought I’d share my Halloween playlist and who knows maybe you guys will comment and I’ll have more to listen to next year. I so love good scary music. I’m a kid at heart so below is a mixture of adultish songs and childhood favorites.
PS This list is in no particular order, they are all equally my favorites and to put them in an order seems mean, so check em out... find your own grove, roll down the windows, and enjoy….
I put a Spell On You—Annie Lennox
The Raven—P.L. Vincent – Via Edgar Alan Poe
Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives—Mel Torme
Somebody’s Watching Me—Rockwell
Werewolves of London —Warren Zevon
The Time Warp—The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Ghostbusters—Ray Parker Jr.
Witch Doctor—Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.
Purple People Eater—Sheb Wooley
Monster Mash—bobby “Boris” Pickett
Psycho (Theme)—the moment where Janet Leigh Bites it in the shower
They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha ! Ha! —Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels)
Remains of the Day—Corpse Bride
This is the night! —Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (Theme)
The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough—Cyndi Lauper
Thriller—Michael Jackson
Great Pumpkin Waltz—Vince Guaraldi Trip (AKA The Charlie Brown song)
Halloween (Theme) — John Carpenter
Hotel California—The Eagles
This is Halloween—Nightmare Before Christmas—Danny Elfman
The Addams Family (Theme)
Witch Doctor – Marvin Socks – who sounds a lot like Piggy (The Muppets: Muppaphone)
Desperation Samaba (Halloween in Tijuana) —Jimmy Buffett
The Raven—The Simpsons Version
Knock Knock Trick or Treat Who are you ? — Unknown
I’m Your Boogieman— White Zombie
What Should I be ? —Garfield’s Halloween Adventure
Scaredy Cat—Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (Theme)
Casper The Friendly Ghost (Theme)
The Monster Mash — The Chipmunks’ Version
Tales from the Crypt (Theme)
Anything Can Happen on Halloween—The Worst Witch
Addams Family (theme) —The Simpsons Version
Real and Scary—The Failry Oddparents
No Costume, No Candy - Swingin' Neckbreakers

so I’m kind of insane. No really either that or I have too much money. I do this thing every October where I wear a different pair of Halloween socks every day…LITERALLY. Sadly several pairs don’t get worn in a given year, aka I have way more than 31 Halloween socks, hence the apparent amount of disposable income. In my defense people sometimes give me socks and a lot of them are purchased at the dollar store or right after the holiday when everything is on sale.
That being said when I post them on twitter (yes I post them on twitter every morning) I usually put a description of the socks. Sometimes it is about why I picked them, sometimes to remind people that the Great Pumpkin is coming on that evening other times I just say look at these cute Hello Kitty socks! HEY….not every morning is a creative morning.
The socks that sadly didn't make the cut this year.
I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening! We've been slightly neglectful of this blog this month, let’s face it Golden and I have spent every waking second watching some of the best horror movies ever made and some that are just classics that you have to watch no matter the quality.
We plan to get back into the swing of the blog first thing tomorrow by posting 27 days of Thankfulness leading up to Thanksgiving. Join us by sharing what you are thankful for.
PLUS the best reason to stick around ... I'll start working on the Christmas TV Specials Calendar soon and will post it here...well not here but on this blog and you will want that ... trust me! :D
-Marcy (@beaslma)
-Golden (@theonlygolden)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I am writing, part II !!!

I’m not really sure where this one came from. It’s one I started writing a while ago and revisit it from time to time. I update it/add to it and then save the file and move on. Today I decided instead of just closing the file and walking away I’d post it here and see what happens.

I always thought this one be the one that would “turn into a book.” Who knows … maybe there is still time… 

"Trying to connect"
Karen Stevens loved her job. She liked to watch her students learn and love watching them figure out new things on their own and knew when to back off and when to shove them in the right direction. She was a dedicated teacher; one her student’s trusted because she did whatever she needed to do to make sure her students succeeded. Sometimes she took students home for a nice home cooked meal and a night of conversation that revolved around their lives for a change. Other teachers often came to her for advice and she was always at every PTA meeting.  Many of her students had parents that didn’t have the time to spend with them or frankly didn’t care so she felt it necessary to be their voice.

For this, her students flocked to her; students who didn’t get her for a teacher would

beg to have their schedules changed so they could say I have Mrs. Stevens for English. Even students that she didn’t teach first hand knew her and came to her room to talk or get help for assignments. She never turned anyone away. Not when the bell rang and it was time for her next class. Not when it was nearing 7 and her husband was waiting, and not when the bell went off in her head saying she should. Mark was a bell ringing kind of guy.

She noticed him standing in the door, but she had learned that if they wanted her help they would come in and ask for it. She tried not to glance up, but instinct got the best of her. She realized that she had never seen him before, but she had heard about him. One teacher said he had killed a student at his last school. Another said it was his uncle. She didn’t know who to believe, but if he needed her help he would get it just like everyone else in this school.

“Hi! Do you have a minute?” he said as he finally entered the door. “I’m Mark and your Mrs. Stevens aren’t you?”
“Yes I am, how can I help you?” She sat up straight in her chair with a huge smile that showed all of her front teeth.
“Well I just moved to this town. I didn’t want to come here. At my last school I didn’t learn much except how to win a fight. I have this assignment that I don’t think I can handle, but I was told you might help me.”
“I’ll try. What’s the assignment?”
“We have to write a story of our life quite frankly my life is not something I want to put on paper. So I don’t know how to start this paper.”
“That’s not really a problem. You just moved here and no one knows about you. If you wanted, you could make up the story of your life.”
“Your saying I should lie?”
“No” she giggled, “Not lie…just be….creative. The parts you don’t want to tell stretch the truth a little bit. For example if you were say arrested and that is what you don’t want to tell anyone, say I was sent away to live with relatives.”
“What makes you think I was ARRESTED” he interrupted.

She blinked once at him like she had been slapped. Yes, she had assumed he had been arrested, not just because of the stories she had heard, but the way he carried himself. He wore nothing but black had really shaggy hair that didn’t give off the impression that it knew soap and water. He had on an old leather jacket. It was at least eighty degrees outside why else would he wear it unless it had gang ties. She herself was wearing a sundress and still thought it was hot.

“I didn’t mean to assume anything about you. Trust me I know how it feels to have someone be judged before they are known. I was just trying to think of something that is so bad you may not want people to know. Please … I really wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings.” Trying to get back on his good side. It was getting late and she wanted to get home, but had a feeling this guy needed her help more than Bob needed his dinner. Like so many other times Bob would have to sit second to her job.

“What are you talking about knowing how it feels to be judged I bet no one has ever looked at you and thought anything other than what you are?” He said getting annoyed with this teacher who wasn’t anyone he had to be nice too yet continued to talk to her.

Karen answered by picking up a picture of Bob off her desk “This is my husband.”

“So he looks like a little prep too.”
"See you just judged him without knowing him. My parents did what you did, but they didn’t see him as a prep. They saw him as a troublemaker. He works at a garage fixing cars and they thought he did not “deserve” me, but they hardly knew him. I did everything I could to convince them and while they have accepted him it’s still very uneasy and no one feels comfortable at their house.” She starred at the picture for a minute or two lost in thought and put it back down.

Trying to change the subject, she looked at him “So tell me what is it that you don’t want to discuss in your paper,” His face tightened “I mean I need to know what the problem is before I can help you.”

“Well. . . the thing is . . .ARGH!  I don’t want to be here!” he yelled.
“No one is forcing you to come to my room.”
“Not just your room, this school, this town. I want to go back home!”
“Well why did you move here?” He said nothing just continued to inspect his shoes. “You don’t have to answer my questions if you aren’t ready. Let’s start easier, where did you move here from?”

He sat in the student desk slumped over holding his head up with his hands. Tears started to form and his body shook as he tried to hold them back. Lifting his head seemed like a chore.

“OK here is my deal. . .” he paused for a minute to regain his composure. His mouth opened to begin “Mrs. Stevens!” they both jumped a mile in the air. “Mrs. Stevens” the intercom said for a second time.
“Yes” she said still trying to catch her breath.
“Will you come by the office before you go home?”
“Hey….I’ll let you get to the office I’m not sure if I am ready to do this anyway.” Mark was semi relieved to be let off the hook.
“Mark you were going to say something please go ahead. The office can wait.” Her eyes pleading none of her teeth were showing this time. He paused, and then returned to his seat.
“Ok see here is the thing I know there are a lot of rumors going on around here about me, but none of them have the story completely right. Yes, I am here against my will, I mean if I had my choice I wouldn’t be here, but everyone decided it was for the best. A few months ago my . . .” he started to break down on her again she reached for a Kleenex “I’m sorry this will actually be the first time I say this out loud. My uncle killed himself about 3 months ago he was like a . . . he was a father to me. Everything I have done was to make him proud.”

“My town is small, everything I looked at reminded me of him. The little diner he would take me to, the park where we would sit and talk for hours, and of course his house. It seemed to follow me everywhere ‘cause every time I would turn around I would be in front of it, like my feet didn’t get the message that he was gone. My mom just did not care she would try sometimes, but it always seemed really forced like she would rather do something else. I guess you could say I freaked out on her, but after losing the best person that ever walked into my life I think it was warranted.” He stopped and looked to her for approval.

“Mrs. Stevens” the intercom interrupted for the second time that day.
“WHAT!” she said in a forceful, but respectful tone.
“Your husband is on the phone again and says he needs to speak with you.”
“Tell him I’m with a student and that I will call him when I am finished. Thank-you” to show that this conversation was over. She returned her attention to Mark  “Please continue I’m sorry about that.” This time no toothless smile; no smile at all just an honest look of concern for a student.

“So anyway my mom she just couldn’t handle it so she shipped me out here which I guess is ok. It’s a better school and a better neighborhood, but I have nothing to remind me of him here. Which explains why I’m wearing a jacket in the middle of a heat wave.” He said with a smile as she nodded. “He gave me this. He had one just like it and I loved it. I would go to his house and curl up on the couch with it as a blanket. It was so smooth and it was not like anything I had ever seen before. For my thirteenth birthday he gave it to me, it was big back then too.”

She could not tell if he was talking to her or if he was talking to the jacket. He sat there stroking the jacket as if remembering a moment with his uncle. She glanced above his head to the clock, no wonder Bob called, it was getting close to five and when she was going to be late she would at least call him to let him know.

“So what’s the problem why can’t you just write about your uncle he seems to have been a positive influence on you?”
“I failed him. I did everything I could to stop him and I couldn’t. I failed him.” He started crying again.

Karen’s maternal instinct took over and she kneeled over to him and hugged him trying to comfort as best she could. “Mind if I ask why he did it?” Not letting her go he spoke over her shoulder. 

“He had this girl. . . she didn’t know what she had. He was a great man he just well he had a hard time with money. It wasn’t like he didn’t try he just couldn’t seem to make ends meet. She left him and he fell apart. I told him he needed to stay to see me become the man he would be proud of one day. I begged him and I told him I loved him; nothing worked. I told him I would never forgive him now I don’t feel like I can.”

“Your uncle wouldn’t want you to blame yourself. Usually when people get to that point there is no point of return. Please don’t take this the wrong way but he probably didn’t even hear you.” He let go and pulled back from her.

“But . . . he told me he loved me too he had to have heard me.” He started again to cry,  “How the hell am I suppose to write a paper on this if I can’t even say it out loud. I don’t want some teacher to look at me all sappy for the rest of the year. Which is why I am talking to you about it, unless I want to, I never have to see you again.”

“I have an idea … how about writing about the great things you and your uncle did. Write about the diner and the park and especially the jacket. That is a great story.”

She told him as she reached for a sheet of paper 

“Ok you have the diner, the park, and the jacket those can be the three paragraphs for the body and then all you need is the introduction and the conclusion. For the intro you could tell them about your uncle. Like is he your dad’s brother or your mom’s brother stuff like that. In the conclusion you could just sum up how you felt about him.”

“I don’t think I can do that in just one paragraph.” As he glanced at his watch,

“Do you mind if I . . . oh crap I didn’t realize it was so late I’m sure you want to get home. Why didn’t you stop my rambling?” He said as he started to gather up his things.

“Don’t worry about it. We can work on your conclusion together and then we call it a night?”

Bob knew where she kept the frozen dinners he could take care of himself and she could stop and get something on the way home. Dinner was not the problem. Once again it would be a single hard taco for one at the dinner table while he selfishly gripped about teachers pushing their work on her. He would not want to sit through the story of Mark and she wouldn’t bother him with it. She learned a while ago it was a waste of breath.

It took them another hour to finish the conclusion. He seemed happy with it, but did not think it completely wrapped up his feelings for his uncle. It was getting time for the janitors to lock the building for the night. He told her thank you and headed for the door never looking back. She packed up her things and walked out to her car. As she started to crank it she saw Mark ride by in his old beat up Ford; the thought of following him came and went. Deciding it was a bad idea she drove home hoping that Mark would again appear in her room another day.


So there you go … what do you guys think?!

-Marcy (@beaslma)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sometimes social media suprises ya

There are optimist and pessimist. I have been both at different times throughout my life but I seemed to have settled on being a realist. It may be due to me being a Gemini, or that may be just a Bullshit excuse and my feelings are just due to my upbringing and life experiences, but whatever the reason I am dualistic in nature. I have this desire for good to overcome evil, a desire for happiness to win out, a belief that right is...well, right. But because I live and breathe I know that deception gets ahead, bad is bolder, and negativity is suffocating.

In these modern times we live in, it seems that the majority of the human population exist on some form of social media. Social media can often times be a cruel hateful bitch. People can take your identity, find out your dark secrets, and even (what I consider the most heartbreaking) use it as a format for 'cyberbullying'. I recently closed my facebook account. It became depressing. I would see posts from people talking about how amazingly perfect their life was. Storybook, with the perfectly handsome spouse, perfectly behaved kids, perfectly designed home, perfectly expensive cars. But it was just surface perfection. Empty and sad. Then there were posts from those who seem to never have anything positive to say. Always complaining and putting people down based on their beliefs, life choices, politics, anything. Just hateful. Then there were people who were just nosy and wanted to keep in touch not out of true friendship, but just to keep tabs on your life progress. So I pulled the plug on that. I've been on Twitter forever and just find it to be more pleasant and fun so that's where I've stayed.

This week I was very pleasantly surprised. My mom now has a facebook page and as moms often do, talks too much about her children, of course that’s when she’s not talking about her grandchildren. Backstory time …. I have recently been battling insurance companies over my health care. Even though I have been repeatedly told to go on disability, I choose to continue working. There are many reasons for this, but I won't get into them now (that’s another post). But I do work and I work hard, harder than my doctors want me too and sometimes harder than my body allows. I pay for my insurance and am insured by a well known company. However, this well known company continues to make decisions on my medications, medical tests, and care not based on my diseases or my doctor’s medical knowledge much less on my well being but solely on cost efficiency -- But only for them not for me.
So this week I've had my well known insurance company refuse to cover medical testing that my doctors say I need, only to suggest I go thru testing that I don't need, but is cheaper for them but far less effective in providing me any kind of relief. Also they are charging me hundreds of dollars on a single medication because it's new to the market and they think I can go without it, because I have been until now … going without it. Keep in mind this medication wasn’t available before for me and my doctor to decide it didn’t work and I didn’t need it, however this well known insurance company was able to determine that without any research at all.   

All of this is not new, I’m used to it … but mom …. Well she’s frustrated so, as people do on Social Media, she opened the page and posted the “Saga of Golden” to her friends albeit against my wishes, or knowledge really. Before I knew it, people from all over were gathering to help. Some are people I knew as a child that grew into medical professionals who were able to call in favors and donate med samples. Some are people that knew my mom when she was a child that have never even met me, trying to donate money to cover the cost of my medicine when my own well known insurance company woudln’t. I am literally in awe! We asked for nothing, we expected nothing. My mom was just venting the frustrations a mother, who has a chronically sick kid, has to get them off her chest and mind so that she might be able to sleep a little bit that night. Yet, we received so much kindness and support from that one post it was kinda overwhelming.

So while it seems that while I have let life beat me into a position of a realist, I have seen the beauty in humanity's optimistic displays, and I am truly grateful. Not for the favors but for the thoughts, the kindness and the hope that it all brings. So I just want to say thank you all for the kindness you have put out into the universe. I can't find a way to express how much it means to me. It has shown me that often times humanity isn't as dark as what I imagine it to be. That sometimes, when you least expect it, mankind's nature can truly shine.

-golden (@theonlygolden)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Wars Is BACK!!!!

The premise:
A Pumpkin Carver, a Candy Craftsman and a Master Cake Artist (AKA rice Cereal Treat Artist) team together to create a cohesive show piece that wows the judges and keeps them in the game. It’s a 4 part series of AWESOME and my all-time favorite thing on the earth. This is the 4th year of this series and I hope It NEVER ENDS!!!!! Each episode, each year is so different because the competitors are different. Even those who are returning they come with a new team and thus add a different dynamic.

A quick rundown of the show ….

There are 5 teams. As I previously stated each team has a has a pumpkin carver, candy maker, and a cake decorator, tho they often use rice cereal treats instead of cake which bugs me more than I'm sure you care to know. At the end each episode one team is sent home and the rest live to fight another week. There are 4 weeks of competition with an eventual champion crowned in an epic $50,000 battle.

The 2014 Teams:
Orange –Dead Reckoning
Blue –Spooktacular
Green –Malicious Intent
Purple –Sweet Nightmares
Yellow – Corpse Crushers

The setup:
The show has 2 rounds. Round 1 - is the Small Scare challenge (45 minutes) in which the winner gets an advantage going into Round 2 - the Spine Chiller challenge (usually about 5 hours) which includes a tasting element that the judges will taste and will factor into their score. Unlike other shows he hosts on the network Justin gets to taste the treats as well tho he gets no say in who goes home!

There are two main judges, who remain through all the competitions, and a guest judge, who is a fresh pair of eyes every week, which dictate the fate of these teams. The main judges include Shinmin Li a pastry chef, and Brian Kinney a make up artist known for the movie Dark Skies. Guest judges for this season includes: Episode 1: Naomi Grossman, known as Pepper on American Horror Story: Asylum. Episode 2: Adi Shankar, known for producing The Grey and Killing Them Softly. Episode 3: Francia Raisa known from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Episode 4: Lew Temple from The Walking Dead.

Justin announces the theme of the challenge and the teams get to work. They have a few moments where they talk strategy and come up with the "design" then they all get to work. It’s fascinating seeing these guys take these highly different mediums and get them to all work together to create a fantastic show piece. The successful teams are the ones who make it all look like a single piece and it's hard to tell which medium was used for which piece. Seamless integration of all mediums is a must. Sometimes they have EPIC wins and other times epic fails, but watching the steps it took to get there is great. Getting to see their creativity come to life and how working as a team or not working as a team as is sometimes the case ends up hurting them in the end. One wrong move from one of them could ruin them all and send a qualified and creative team home.

2014 Spine Chiller Challenge Themes:
Week 1 – The Haunted Farm
Week 2 – Don’t Go Into The Forest
Week 3 – Mummies VS Werewolves
Week 4 – Haunted Carnival

Each team has a “leader” but all 4 have to come together to make it to the next week. Some of the contestants have been on previous years of Halloween Wars yet so far haven’t learned from their past mistakes. It's interesting to see dynamic of the team especially when things are NOT going well and who steps up and who melts down.
It does not hurt that the show is hosted by Justin Willman who is my all-time favorite person on earth. Seriously guys Justin is fantastic. He’s a magician who also hosts things to help pay the bills. I talked Golden into going to see him a few years back (she took the picture above) and it was a fantastic night. I can't wait until the next time. If he comes anywhere near your house you need to check him out. Here’s a link to his website and his tour schedule. Upcoming shows include the states of California, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, and Missouri.

Episode one is in the can and a team has been sent home, did you agree? I think they were just over ambitious about what they could do in the timeframe they had. That’s the key, you can have the greatest concept but if you can’t deliver it then it’s just a sketch on the page. This is definitely a show where “go big or go home” usually means you are going home.

If you missed this week’s episode check it out in repeats then meet back on twitter for next week, it’s on every Sunday 9/8 central but only for 4 weeks so jump on the Halloween Wars bandwagon now!

There is a ton of chatter on Twitter about this episode so join the conversation by Tweeting #HalloweenWars and also hit @FoodNetwork so they will continue this yearly event next year.
-Marcy  @beaslma
By the way we just celebrated our 2nd month Blogaversary !! :D We also recently passed 1,000 views and Golden (AKA @theonlygolden ) and I thank you all for joining us on this trip, hopefully we have entertained you and made you smile.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bayfest turns 20

Golden mentioned the fair is in town where she lives, there’s a similar group of carnies in my hometown, also known as Bayfest. Near the end of September every year these random stages pop up all over my hometown’s downtown district. Along with these stages come food vendors, vendors from various radio stations, and lots of beverage areas, which sell both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages I’m told tho I’ve never tried the non-alcoholic ones. The food is your typical walking around food, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, hot dogs, corndogs, basically things on a stick that can be eaten with only your hands as you walk around enjoying the festival.

What really brings people to the festival however is the music. There are so many musicians it’s INSANE. As a music lover it’s also FANTASTIC! That’s right Bayfest is a three day music festival which features professional musicians on tour and local artist which represent the rainbow on the genre scale, there’s county, classic rock, alternative, pop, jazz, R&B, rap, gospel, modern rock, local musicians, soul, pop, basically if you name it you’ll find a stage with that music on it. It’s a true testament to the people who organize this event because it really does cater to everyone and is also very family friendly too! There is even a special kids area with artist specifically for them and events like dance performances, a touch lab from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, the Azalea Trail Maids, creative hands-on craft projects, and face painting.

Previous artist who graced the Bayfest stages include Luke Bryan, Kid Rock, Duran Duran, Kenny Chesney, Mary J. Blige, Kool & the Gang, Motley Crue, B.B. King, Eric Church, Babyface, Stone Temple Pilots, Journey, Lady Antebellum, Reba, Nelly, Bush, Pat Benatar, Blake Shelton, Al Green, Alan Jackson, 4 Tops, Akon, Al Green, Clay Walker, Buckwheat Zydeco, KC and the Sunshine Band, and so many more.

In it’s 20th year the organizers brought some big guns to the festival this year. Friday’s session featured Country Acts Thompson Square, Alabama, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, AFI, Ludacris, and Stone Temple Pilots in the span of only a few hours. Saturdays lineup included local talent Kristy Lee, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Jane’s Addiction, The Roots, and Kid Rock. Sunday’s line up will include Gretsch Lyles, the Mulligan Brothers, Magic!, Earth, Wind and Fire, Foster the People, and Brantley Gilbert to close out the festival. This list is only a small fraction of the musical talent in my hometown this weekend.

Even with all that talent it’s the Launching Pad stage that makes me the happiest. It features local artist looking to make a name for themselves. There is nothing better than listening to a new artist and walking away thinking wow they gave it everything they had. Tho I admit you also get the wow they have a ways to go before they need to be back on this stage.  For the most part tho you'll enjoy this stage because these guys really want to be there and likely stood in the same place you did a few years back with dreams of being on one of those stages. It’s a fun vibe and when meeting them after their set. They are the nicest people in the room cause they are just thrilled you showed up for their party.

In association with this festival they have a BayFest Music Industry Education Program for acts and local musicians if they are interested to learn about the industry; a 5K run; artist meet and greets if you are lucky enough to be one of the chosen (either through a radio station or a sponsor); and a scholarship program that high school kids can apply for that helps students purchase instruments, equipment and music lessons. These winners are announced on Saturday night in front of the crowd, a fantastic way to inspire the next generation that will fill those stages.

It’s a great time and a fun way to visit this Port City, if you love music it’s a great place to travel to every fall (It's always held the first weekend in October) and I know a fantastic travel agent if you need one.   @iFrontierTravel

--Marcy @beaslma

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall is my happy place!!!

There is one time of year for which, I can't wait. It’s a time of year which puts me in the greatest of moods no matter what is thrown my way. It’s like I see the world through a "Happiness" filter and it is awesome! If you ask people what their favorite holiday most say Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or even their birthday, which can totally be a holiday if you do it right. You may even get the occasional freak that says Presidents Day, although I don't know why the fuck they would, but it takes all people I guess.

If one were to ask me, and I can’t help but notice no one has yet …. Despite my lead up opening the door for people to ask, my answer is always October 1-January 2. That’s right I'm such a fucking cheater!

My favorite holiday begins with Fall. It's mystical! The night comes earlier. The colors of Mother Nature go all gold, orange, red and brown. The wind carries the sound of fallen leaves. The world smells all smokey and crisp. It's wonderful.

So to recap … I love Fall! I can finally pull out my sweaters, which I'm pretty sure I have 42 different styles. BTW for those of you keeping score at home, 42 is the answer to the most important question in the universe AND the amount of sweaters one person can own before beginning fashion rehab. Plus if you are a horror junkie like me you can get your fill. All the scary movies are coming out in theatres, television is rocking cheesy edited for TV horror movies and Halloween programming, and there are haunted houses on each corner. Seriously did you see Marcy’s rocking Halloween calendar that was posted on Oct. 1st? She says she does that for her and her nephews but it’s really for me! IT’s ABOUT ME PEOPLE!!!!

Even the food changes in fall. I am currently craving candied apples! The problem is they aren't that easy to come across. Right now I could get one at the fair. They just pulled into town, another fall tradition. But I don't do the “county fair.” They are run by carnies. Carnies can kidnap you, kill you, hide you in one of their refrigerated trucks and drop your dead ass on any back road in the U.S. So that's out. Sigh …. don’t worry tho reader I will find me a candied apple. Oh yes, it will be mine, and it will be delicious, and messy I will also make a giant mess with it but it will be worth the wait.


So for the next little bit I'm sure I will have more than a few of my upcoming posts be fall related, and I'm sorry. No I’m not … I can’t help it. To me it's when Nature shows off and I just can't help but bask in her glory so get outside and enjoy the show!

-Golden @theonlygolden

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October!!!!!

As I've said before Halloween is my favorite time of year. IT's the one time of year people tap into their creativity and create things. They carve pumpkins, create cute fall things for their front doors, costumes for their kids, and it usually ends up being a family fun filled holiday. Ok there are some haters out there trying to demonize Halloween but those people suck and shouldn't be in your inner circle. I personally find it hilarious to see the Devil and Jesus on either side of the isle at the local shops around town.
This year, since we have a blog now I'm posting my annual Halloween calendar here instead of sending out a jpeg via twitter!!! Yeah I know shameless plug of our blog....but yeah what of it. You are getting endless hours of fun here people besides this year has flown by, I'm pretty sure I just sent the 2012 one out ... didn't I?
The calendar is set up for 11X17 format but if you tell it to fit to page it should print on an 8.5 X 11 page if you are unable to print the other size. The Jpg is such a large file because if it's on a phone and you blow it up to see a specific day the text shouldn't break down on you, well it doesn't on my Windows Phone and at the end of the day it's really all about me. :D

As always …. a few guidelines:

·         I live in the central time zone, the times on this calendar reflect that, adjust accordingly.
·         Unless otherwise stated the times are PM
·         This calendar contains shows I want to see, so it includes a mixture of adult themed shows/movies and kid themed shows/movies. Some are classics and some are new, so PLEASE be mindful of what is on before you sit the kids down with popcorn to watch Michael Myers in Halloween.
o    Don’t call me cause your little one watched Halloween and can’t sleep because that shadow looks like a guy holding a knife or an ax … that’s your mess not mine. Seriously don’t call, or that shadow won’t just be a shadow anymore. (true story btw)

I am sad to report that I cannot find when ABC is showing It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have begged everyone I can think of to let me know. This is the third year in a row and it’s depressing. Last year they showed it Halloween Night (which is just dumb) and ABC Family showed it randomly a few times, when they had an hour of “dead time” but I’m not finding it listed on either site at the moment. PLEASE watch out for it. You don’t want to miss it.

****UPDATE**** ABC finally announced that The Great Pumpkin will air on WED. Oct. 15th at 7:30 after Toy Story of Terror!!!!!! ****UPDATE****

That said keep your eyes and ears open as networks change their schedules and add movies depending on their air time throughout the month.

A few programs of note:

·         Halloween Wars is back on Food Network starting Oct. 5th this is a 4 part completion series from the makers of Cupcake Wars where teams of pumpkin carvers, cake decorators, and candy makers try to prove they are the best. Each episode has a different theme. Check it out every Sunday night!
·         Fox is showing the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors on Oct. 19th, so check that out then turn over to Food Network for Halloween Wars.
o    Also FXx is also planning a Treehouse of Horrors Marathon on Oct. 26th
·         AMC is once again doing their FEAR FEST starting on Oct. 14th through Oct. 31st for 18 days of over 70 films. Part of the Fear Fest includes Friday the 13th and Halloween movie marathons, Steven King marathons, and a Child Play movie marathon.
·         SYFY is also celebrating 31 days of Halloween starting Oct. 1st showing great horror movies and science fiction awesomeness which includes original movies and classics. It also includes original programming like Scare Factor and Ghost Hunters.
·         ABC Family is once again celebrating the 13 Nights of Halloween starting October 19th lots of fun animation and family friendly movies and Halloween themed shows. ABC is showing Toy Story of Terror, Beetlejuice, Adams Family, and so many others including the Goonies which isn’t really a Halloween movie but is awesome all year long!
·         The Disney Channel  is having Monstober from Oct. 2nd through the 31st showing movies and Halloween themed shows as well. Their site says their lineup will include Twitches, Halloweentown, as well as premiers of Wreck-it-Ralph (not Halloween), Casper, Pirate Fairy (which I’ve never heard of) and more. However they can’t be bothered to really post their line up so they don’t appear much on the calendar. L so check them out for family friendly fun.
·         The Travel Channel has some fun programs that highlight decorating and celebrating the holiday across the country with shows like Halloween Crazy (Halloween Crazier) and my favorite America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions.

This calendar does not focus on regular show “Halloween theme episodes” so no a Halloween themed Pretty Little Liars isn’t shown here. It’s more for movies and TV specials tho I admit Roseanne should be required viewing for TV writers tasked with writing a Halloween Themed episode. If you are home and one comes on definitely stop and watch it.

Also this calendar focuses on what’s on my TV, aka channels I get, I don’t get Chiller TV (Tho I would like to) so you’ll notice there’s not much from them on this calendar. I did note Scary Social but that was more for a friend of mine. Other channels with a good suspense/horror lineup include Encore Suspense, Sundance,

If you’d like to see the line ups for those channels here’s a good site to check out:
This list is created by Savage Shawn and he's just fantastic (truth is I just found him via this page but this list is pretty epic and took a lot of time to create!) Hit him up on twitter at  

The intention of this calendar, much like the Christmas one is to get your family to pause and spend some time together making memories. Maybe carve a pumpkin while watching, or create some fantastic Halloween Treats from your various Social Media sites and RELAX with your family. I loved watching the Garfield Halloween special as a kid, and am sad that it no longer comes on. That’s the other reason for this calendar, if we stop watching they will stop showing. So just because you have the Great Pumpkin on a shelf, take the time to watch it with your family when it FINALLY airs on ABC.

So here it is in all its glory the 2014 Halloween TV Calendar ....

so sit back, scare yourself, and have a GREAT Halloween! It’s fall people enjoy it!