Monday, March 30, 2015

So it goes... ‏

I've been doing 40 acts for Lent this year. Basically I try every day to go out of my way to give back to others or the community, to do something special for acquaintances, friends, loved ones or even complete strangers. I've done alot of good so far. I post sometimes on twitter different things that I've done. I was posting more often about it, but at some point it started to feel like bragging and that's not what its about. So now I don't post as often, but that doesn't mean I'm not actively trying to make the world a better place one small kindness at a time.

Just because I do these things doesn't excuse everything else I've done though. And I must have done some seriously bad fucking things. Now to my knowledge I have not killed anyone or even invoked the power of voodoo against anybody. I've lived a pretty average life. I've tried not to hurt people but as we sometimes do, we hurt others unintentionally and oftentimes without even knowing. But at some point in my short life I must have done quite the injustice to incur the karma-wrath that hit me last week.

Last week was simply dreadful! Like if our lives were orchestrated by some great being, this past week of my life was in the hands of this guy from Fantasia.

It was a hell of a week. I was seriously bone tired by Tuesday but had to keep going until the week’s end. Constant stress at work, pressing matters at home, lack of sleep, shifting schedules, sick parents, and the millions of other little things that come along, left me physically exhausted and possibly mentally too but I was too tired to really care about that. So instead of Jimmy Buffet's line "Come Monday it'll be alright.", my mantra was "Come Friday, it'll be alright" however I discovered that Friday didn't really solve it.

The thing that sucks, well I guess one of the things that suck about being a medical marvel with a chronic illness is that week long activities, that most people take for granted, do more damage than what I’d care to admit as the changes in schedule and lack of sleep weaken an already temperamental immune system. The constant going triggered a pain flare up and all of the stress caused the oh so delightful reoccurring mouth sores to appear. Totes didn’t miss those I’ll be honest. So waiting for Friday didn’t really do much for me. However it did provide me with that magical thing called "The Weekend". A 48-hour period for me rehab and relax and let me tell you readers, I sucked every last second out of it. So whether you are able to spend your weekend active, inside, outside or just relaxing, I hope you find some pure enjoyment out of it. For me I spend it doing what I can so that I can be ready to start the process all over again come Monday.

So it goes, so it goes...stupid circle of life.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adulting whether I want to or not!

Hold on to your hats guys I have ... a confession .... this is hard for me ...ok ... but .... I’m …. an… whew I said it and yet it still feels wrong. I mean I don’t feel like an adult, but everything in my life is leading me to believe that at some point I went to sleep perfectly fine and woke up as an adult. I need someone to hold me.

Let’s look at the facts. I have a 40+ hour full time job with benefits, vacation time (that I honestly neglect) and sick leave. I say 40+ hours cause I rarely work just 40 hours. I have a job that sometimes I’ll work the + hours and don’t charge because it’s necessary to get it all done but am not suppose to have “overtime” unless preapproved. At my job they have recently decided I’m going to get a laptop so that some of the + hours can be done at home. My boss sent an e-mail to OUR boss for approval saying and I quote, “consented to be assigned a laptop, meaning she can now work 120 hours a week instead of just 80.” sadly … he was only half kidding. I check my work e-mail on our web server several times during the weekend just “incase” anyone has asked for anything (hence the need for a laptop I guess).

Because of my 40+ hours spent working I often spend the weekend catching up on other Adult things like laundry, cleaning up around the house, washing the car, instead of playing video games, watching DVDs, and relaxing.

When someone mentions going and doing something fun I immediately think about my work schedule BEFORE I think about the cost of whatever the fun thing was. I really used to be the other way around I’d be like hecks yeah then think about the cost of said thing then think about how I’d schedule it around life. 

I wake up now at the same time every single day without an alarm clock, which is the same one I used all the way through college. The first thing I do is stand up and listen to just about every bone in my body POP, then I start to walk and realize that my knee has decided NOT to be a knee today and grab the wall or bed to steady myself. Then hobble into the bathroom to do what needs to be done.

I find myself sitting in the chair at night begging for the clock to turn to 9 so I can go to bed “at a decent hour” and not be a “loser” who went to bed before dinner when what I really want to do sometimes is go to bed before dinner! Then I get in the bed and lay there until midnight unable to sleep anyway sigh.
My friends who in my brain are the true adults send me pictures of their kids, invites to their wedding, post about their anniversary dinners etc., leaving me to feel like the ninth grader hanging out with the seniors who just don't notice I'm not at their level. 

However nothing made me feel more adult this week than joining a PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION at the insistence of my boss. He told me to look at a few and see which one I found would be more helpful to the group as a whole. I found one and got excited, read that again EXCITED, cause it offered training classes, had a local chapter, and had a ton of information sharing opportunities which I have spent most of my Saturday morning looking at.

Ironically in my “research to determine if I am in fact an adult,” which should show right there that I am, I found a “test” to measure my Adult level AND SAVED THE LINK TO TAKE AT A LATER TIME when I can really focus!!!!

Oh my G-O-S-H …. I am an adult …. I need someone to hold me, give me some chocolate milk in a fun cup (maybe have My Little Pony on it) and put on a fun Disney movie S-T-A-T.

I’m still fighting this “adult” thing by keeping non-adult things in my line of eyesight at all time. Such as my collection of flash drives, Homer Simpson, Voltron, Ninja, Mickey Mouse, on my desk, the fun sitting around things like Loki, and some “McDonald Happy Meal toys” watching me work both at home and at the office. However I fear that even that is in jeopardy. See this laptop they are getting me will have a docking station, and TWO SCREENS which I a way of forcing me to Adult and clean up my desk as there simply won’t be room for all my treasures, as my mom used to call them tho now she calls them "clutter." Oh and can we talk about the fact that I'm at the age where when I do order the Happy Meal for the toy they assume it's "for my kid!"

I spend far more time than I’d like to admit playing games on my cell phone, currently addicted to Strung Along, a fun marionette game where you have to get the guy to walk through this insane obstacle course but you have to have the timing right or his strings break. It’s totally addictive and equally frustrating. I also am a fan of the Trivia Crack game if only cause there are several friends that I can’t beat to save my life and it’s my own personal mission to beat them. I WILL BEAT YOU BRETT … IT’S COMING AND YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!

I also signed up through my company to play in a co-ed Volleyball game, which should be a struggle with the aforementioned knee situation but I figure a few drinks in me and my knee can suck it. I loved playing Volleyball in high school and was really good at it, until an unfortunate incident involving bleachers and mis hit ball and my getting it back over the net literally at all costs.  
I think it’s time I went to the foot of the throne of Golden who has mastered the ADULT in the real world, and bad as I wanna be at home and I would like to be her apprentice.

Yall have a good weekend I’m going to go sort some clothes for the laundry while I watch Big Hero 6.

Take that Adulthood.
Marcy out

UPDATE: I posted a link to a survey "How Adult Are you?" Upon taking it i'm removing it from here cause it has very little do to without being an my opinion so well played internet!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!!

So … it’s Sunday, I promised blogs this weekend, and well … I failed. I’d like to say I was being all adult and doing important stuff like my taxes or laundry, but in all honesty I was failing hard at being an adult. I wanted to spend my weekend playing video games, didn’t really happen, tho I did play my fair share of online games.

I wanted to spend my weekend writing. What I ended up doing was thinking about writing, thinking that I should write, thinking what I should write, and thinking that writing was something that I should be doing. However I actually never put words to a yeah epic fail.

I did spend some time today updating a Wikipedia page for a super awesome guy, I went to church, had a fantastic conversation with a friend via Twitter, and I also watched a NASCAR race with my dad which is always a fun time. So the weekend wasn’t a complete wash, but also wasn't as productive as I needed it to be.

The weather here was beautiful after a week straight of rain, I really should have been outside doing … anything... but outside is where people are and I am not a big fan of people. I have to deal with the outside and people all week long so on my weekend I decided yeah no I was going to let someone else fight that good fight. 

So what did you guys do this weekend?! Whatever it was I hope you took a few minutes to recharge for the week ahead. Don’t forget to wear Green on Tuesday or risk getting pinched unless you work in an office setting. Getting pinched at work could lead to a trip to HR which can end one of two ways for you, so plan ahead.



Friday, March 13, 2015


Today was a super fantastic day, work went well, I got to have lunch with a wonderful friend that I don’t see nearly enough (tho we e-mail a lot) and came home at a decent hour from work. Oh and I gave blood today, which means my blood pressure was once again in check. If you recall last time it was super crazy high and they wouldn’t let me cause they were afraid it would not be able to stop once they started it. This totally stressed out my coworkers, my family, and my friends. It didn’t make me very happy either but I really just chalked it up to everyday life getting on my nerves.

We had had a crazy stressful work week, one of my really good friends had breast cancer surgery, and I was just “ramped up.” So I really didn’t worry about it, but I was more diligent about my blood pressure medication and even put an alarm on my phone to go off every night playing “Don’t you forget about me!” as a picture of Dr. Mario pops up throwing a pill my way. It’s a pretty effective reminder.

It’s kind of funny to me, cause the last week or so has been crazy stressful with some turnover at the office and just a lot of work on my shoulders. So while the work craziness hasn’t changed at all I guess the medicine is doing what it is supposed to do I guess. Amazing how that happens when one actually takes it ha!

I’m looking forward to a weekend of hanging out, recharging and getting ready for another long work week ahead. That will also include some blogs over the weekend, maybe an update to my ongoing Haley and Michaels inspired story. Then again it could also include me just sitting on my ass watching TV, movies, and possibly spending some time with my neglected xbox. So don't sit around waiting on me .... i'd hate to know you wasted your weekend, but do know that the blog is still alive and well and we will get better about posting that I do promise.

So while I’m at it HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH, sometimes the day ends out pretty ok, other times you get stabbed by a dude who was supposed to be at the bottom of a lake.