Sunday, May 17, 2015

Birthmonth Give-a-way

As I'm sure you all know by now (at least you should!) It's my birthmonth! I have to admit this month hasn't been as all out as usual because I have had a pet that has been severely sick and barely holding on to life since May 1st, so it's been kinda touch and go. But Ji-Jipus Gato (my cat) has been getting slightly stronger everyday and I hope it continues. So in order to get this party train back on the rails I thought I would do something that makes me happy....

Giving away free shit!!!!!!


So I decided to do a twitter giveaway! Why twitter and not facebook. Because I can't stand Facebook and it's my birthmonth, that's why! I've never done a Twitter giveaway so I hope it goes smoothly, if there should be a hiccup due to my lack of knowledge, don't get all pissed off just remember it's free shit. Why are you so entitled?!

So the rules (always have to have rules) ... I'm not doing this to get twitter followers, but in order to win you have to follow me. This is so I can notify you by DM and we can keep your address and info private so your stalker doesn’t get your addy. But like, don't be a dick and follow for the contest then unfollow once it’s over. That’s not cool, especially if you win. I'm hoping to give away some things to people that have been following me and have suffered through my stupidity... And it seems kinda dickish to follow and enter just for free shit.

Anyway, In order to enter just fav the official tweet (that has this link) and reply to said tweet with "Enter me in the #MonthlongCelebrationOfGolden". You need only enter once. Please make sure you enter by 1am cntrl on 5/22/15.

I'm going real scientific with this give-a-way. I will be writing names on pieces of paper then drawing winners from a hat.... but like a real sexy hat. Winners will be notified by DM within 24-hours of the deadline.

Please realize that if you win you will have to provide me with a name and shipping address in order to receive your winnings. So if you are in witness protection you may want to rethink your decision to enter, then again you’ve given up so much you can get free shit just know I’ll know where you are. However you can totally trust me … I promise!

Please feel free to ask any questions. I'm thinking of selecting 3 winners but there maybe only two people interested, if so then I'm keeping the third gift cause remember it is MY birthmonth afterall!

Due to the nature of prizes, non-geeks need not apply, unless you non-geeks are ready to come to the darkside and get your geek on!

Let’s finish off the #MonthlongcelebrationofGolden strong with FREE SHIT!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I’m disappointed

I have to admit that I’m disappointed in the lack of #MonthLongCelebrationofGolden tweets I’m seeing on my twitter timeline. It’s like Golden and I are the only ones partaking in this wonderful event and that’s a damn shame. Maybe you guys don’t realize the awesomeness that is Golden. So I thought I’d share just a few of the things that make her so awesome.

1.     She’s very loving, I mean really once you get to know her you learn that she’s got a heart of gold. She’d literally do anything she can for the people around her. She loves to surprise people with little things that will make them smile from a surprise bag of fun before a trip to leaving bags of fun for strangers. She’s truly amazing that way.

2.     She’s loyal as hell. She will follow someone to the end of the earth if she believes in the cause/person enough and does not require her to put on pants.

3.     She’s very knowledgeable about many different types of things, which makes a conversation with her endlessly fascinating. From the latest geekery to religion, to movies and tv shows, oh and books she’s constantly reading and thus her brain just continues to fill with both useful and useless facts that she can bounce off people at will.

4.     She’s funny, like makes me fall out of my chair funny. The way she tells a story paints a picture in one’s head that as a wanna be writer I long to emulate but often fail to do so. It’s really the only thing about her that I truly hate and envy at the exact same time. The worst part is she doesn’t really work at it it’s completely organic.

5.     She’s creative as hell. As an artist she is able to see things that other people can’t even imagine but she can not only see it she makes it a reality.

6.     She’s great at her job, it’s not an easy job and frankly not even one I thought she’d be interested in but she’s very good at it. She treats the people she takes care of like humans something they don’t get often by people.

Golden is at this very moment thinking about doing a twitter give a way so that she can share the joy of her BIRTHMONTH with the world. How can you not love someone like that. Someone who literally wants to take her moment and make it special for someone else.

So I want each and every one of you to start flooding her timeline with funny pictures, notes wishing her a happy birthday, any and everything you think would make her smile and do it now cause May 31st will be here soon and thus the end of her Birthmonth. We can’t have that day come without some fan fair.

Now follow Golden on twitter so that you can get in on her Birthmonth surprise cause trust me you are gonna want to be a part of that!