Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dragon Con Coma

Sorry for lack of tweets for this year’s DragonCon there just honestly hasn’t been time, well ok there might have been time but that time was spent sleeping. Like for real I’ve been sleeping most of the afternoon/evening. I’d feel bad about that but my body loved every second of it.

While I have chosen to forgo Cosplay this year, it always amazes me the amount of Cosplay around me, some expected like movie characters (Captain America, Ironman, Spiderman, The Joker, Batman, any and every single character’s from Star Wars, well you get the picture ….), then some refreshing characters that I didn’t expect like Roger and Jessica Rabbit, or Quailman from the TV show Doug, whom I’m sad to report I didn’t get a picture of, from Nickelodeon. . Speaking of Nickelodeon I also saw some contestants from Legends of the Hidden Temple and another group as the contestants from Guts. 90’s Nick for the Win! :D

However it was the truly unexpected that amazed me, like SheRa and Rainbow Brite with a full size Sprite. I really wanted to get a hug from Baymax but he was covered up by everyone so i just watched from afar. I also  didn’t expect to see so many from the Back To the Future franchise. Not because it’s not a great movie trilogy but because I just didn’t expect it to get so much love. Then there was the group of Amish guys whom I still haven’t figured out. I also loved seeing so many Agent Carter characters because I love that the series is getting that much love.

Once again the creativity of the Con has overwhelmed me. The effort and creativity around me fascinates me and until I’m in it I forget that there are really no rules whatever and whomever you want to be is what you should do, unless you can’t decide that’s when the struggle gets real, or you just go with a  costume for all seasons like this young man who may be the smartest of us all.

Tomorrow will be a full day of fun and more costume watching so I’m going back to sleep …. Night night.