Friday, September 2, 2016

Dragon Con Day 1

At Midnight last night the entire crowd counted down to the start of the Con, this is our second year witnessing that and have to admit it’s fun to be a part of something that so many get involved in. To be around so many people but feel like a unit of one is one of the main reasons we come to this Con. We got back to our hotel after 1am, and the rest of the night was a blur. We slept some, watched TV some, slept some more and I finally fell asleep around 3am. I understand from Golden a really bad storm came through around 4 and then the clock on the side table went off at 6am. Damn that business person who set it in the first place. I mean why isn’t that part of the hotel clean-up of the room after someone checks out? I know it was a business person cause let’s face it normal people don’t get up at that hour unless they have to do so. After we beat down the clock I went back to bed, next thing I know it’s 10 am. Then we had a movie on and the next thing I know it’s noon. Sometime around 4 we got up and went across the street to the Aquarium. It was nice and relaxing even if the place was set up a little bizarre. We saw a whale crap in the water, weedy sea dragons, sea otters, jelly fishes, and all kinds of other sea life. Good times.

Afterwards we got some lunch/dinner technically breakfast too before heading back down to the Con. By far the best way to travel at the Con is to use the shuttle busses, I swear if i had to drive in Atlanta i'd just kill myself and be done with it. I tell you all of this because usually by Sunday I’m in the middle of a Dragon Con coma. Apparently it hit me harder than in years past. I spent most of the day in a dizzy haze and didn’t have a drop of alcohol. I don’t know if it’s cause real life has been beating me down since the last Con or if I’m just getting older but I was a lazy slug today. By the time we got to the Con drinking and crazy was in full effect. WE saw a few who had taken the Con too far and a few who were heading that way. I hope they all made it home safely.

The best part of the night was when the “Trump Buss” drove through the crowded street and everyone in unison started booing. It kind of restored my faith in this nation. Talk about not knowing your audience I guess.

Tomorrow is the annual Dragon Con parade which starts early. Here’s hoping the early night will help us get there. Marible should be here tomorrow afternoon, that always makes for a good time.

For now … night night nerds, sleep well and safe travels to your respective beds.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nerdcation is in effect!!!!!

So yesterday I drove to the meca that is Golden’s house and today we drove to the meca that is the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta to pick up our Dragon Con badges, from there to the Hilton where we will call home for the next few days.

This is our third straight year to attend Dragon Con which turns 30 this year. That’s a milestone birthday and we are here to celebrate. Here’s watermelon vodka in the fridge, a Wonder Woman cup with my name on it and most important my best friend sitting on the other side of the room. This weekend is gonna be awesome.

We are chilling in the hotel, calming down our hearts from the drive here, I tell you driving in Atlanta is INSANE tho I admit I think it’s a combination of too many freaking exists and too many people not really knowing where they are going and then all of the sudden their exit is there and they have to get over causing a giant cluster*uck on the interstates of Georgia which apparently has had 954 people die, as of a few hours ago. This is something Georgia feels the need to advertise, I’m not sure why I guess they think we’ll see that number and think I need to be careful? We saw that number and thought what is wrong with you Georgia so they might want to rethink that campaign. It also did make me wonder if I get in a wreck on the interstate but then die at the hospital would I count?

Soon we will venture out into the world to find food and share in the awesomeness that is DragonCon fun we hope to be at the Marriott when midnight hits for the Dragon Con midnight countdown cause that was fun last year. Kind of a we made it to the Con celebration.

Once again Atlanta has all the things this weekend, football, business conventions, book festivals, hot air balloon festivals, a sound circus, all the things. Spread it out some Atlanta!!! The third member of our crew, Maribel will be her Saturday afternoon then our crew will be in full effect.   

If you are at Dragon Con hit us up …. @beaslma     @theonlygolden           Maribel

See yall soon!!!