Saturday, March 19, 2016

SEC Gymnastic Championship starts TODAY

It's time for the SEC Gymnastic Championship!!!!! One of my favorite times of the year because you get to see so many amazing athletes in one location and it makes me so happy!

OK People get your chores done and get in front of the TV these ladies are talented and need your support!!!

2016 SEC Gymnastics Championship March 19 Afternoon session 2p.m Eastern on ESPNU​ and the evening session 6 p.m. on the SEC Network
​This is the first time the tournament is live in its entirety on national television. Let's all support it so it won't be the last! These ladies work so hard throughout the year that they deserve the recognition and the support.

If you don't follow NCAA Gymnastics, and you totally should, the field is stacked this year and it's really going to come down to who makes the fewest mistakes. Ok most gymnastic meets come down to that but in this case a stick landing here or there isn't going to cut it. These ladies have to be perfect, the pressure is enormous and pride is at stake. The evening session alone is going to be really tough.

I really believe LSU is the team to beat this year and yet Florida, the returning champions might just take it again this year. Then again you can never count Alabama out of it as they are the king.... sorry ... Queens of stuck landings and that's how you get points people. For the 2nd year in a row my Auburn Gymnastics team is peaking at just the right time and could be the dark horse that surprises every, well everyone but me. It's only a matter of time before Auburn takes this field by storm. It's been building for years and their time is coming. With some impressive wins tucked into those Leos they are ready to take their place among the SEC Elite! Those stuck landings and a young team will make it difficult but not impossible. Coach Graba has given them the tools, now it's time for them to get out of their heads and let their bodies do what they do! Graba's Gladiators are ready.

The afternoon session will be just as exciting to watch. Georgia Gymnastics is powerful and fun to watch every single time they step on a mat, Arkansas has the home filed advantage and will want to perform well in front of a semi home crowd. Missouri is a young team but has a lot of heart and is putting up impressive numbers at every meet. Kentucky just beat their Big 12 foe Iowa State with a score of 196 and is building momentum.

As stated, the meet is in Arkansas this year, if you live there you should be attending, there's still tickets left after all...go support these athletes!!

“If gymnastics were easy, they would call it football.”

“Football – 4 downs, 4 quarters.
Baseball – 9 innings, 3 outs, 3 strikes.
Tennis – multiple games, tiebreakers, 2 serves.
Gymnastics – 1 chance”

Good luck to all the ladies competing today! I'll be watching and cheering you all on cause let's face it you are all amazing to me and there are no second or third chances. Gymnasts are superheroes without the capes!

Whose taking home this hardware this weekend?! 

My hope is the Auburn Tigers!!!! However who wins the journey has been a blast to watch !