Friday, September 26, 2014

LootCrate September Reveal

Ah Matey, ahead thar be spoilers! Sorry I'm still celebrating Talk Like A Pirate day. Today I want to share LootCrate cause it's awesome and everyone needs to know about it.  If you haven't heard of LootCrate then listen up.

LootCrate is a subscription box service of awesome radness. You know how you subscribe to a monthly magazine and once a month you get a magazine in your mailbox. Ok. Yeah. So it's that. But instead of a magazine, it's a random box of awesomeness. Each month the sexy bastards at LootCrate pick a theme and release clues throughout the month for people to guess what may appear in their box that's shipped around the 19th of each month. Then boom a short while later a box of happiness appears on your doorstep! It's a surprise gift to yourself each month, with the holiday's around the corner what better gift for your fellow geek! I've been a subscriber for a year now and this will be my first reveal post so if you are a subscriber and are still waiting on your box to arrive you might want to quit reading!

*spoilers for all LootCrate subscribers*

This month's theme was ... Galactic

I barely had the lid open before I squeed with excitement! Is it? Could it be?
It is! A Tribble of my very own!
In this crate we also got a couple of action figures. A Science Fiction blind box figure made exclusively for LootCrate and perfectly chosen for me cause I got the best one ever.... I got Mr. Tightpants himself Captain Mal, from the Firefly/Serenity franchise. And my second action figure is Dallas from ALIEN.
I now have my own personal poster of Han Solo captured in carbonite, because he knows we love him. An awesome Star Wars exclusive retro arcade magnet to add to my LootCrate magnet collection. Some Pop Rocks (fuck yeah). Mega bank, thanks to a Firefly bank robbery! A digital download code for Dark Horse Comics. And last but not least, what's quickly becoming part of my favorite thing about LootCrate my monthly magazine and collectors button!

If any of you amazing people aren't already Looters, I highly recommend it. But get signed up early because once they ship, they are gone. Alright go have fun, I’m gonna play with my toys now, get to the website and sign up!
-Golden @theonlygolden

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Make time for friends ….

I just got home from having dinner with a few dear friends. Every time we leave we say let’s not let this much time lapse before we do this again. We all used to work together but life has taken us on different paths and now it’s like an event when we get together. It takes weeks to set a date that works for everyone. Then we start the process of deciding where we are going to go. I hate that. The biggest decision is picking a place with good adult beverages. Since I usually get the same adult beverage, a jack and coke, it really does not matter to me where we go, just that we go is what’s important to me. One decision we never have to make … what time. The time is always as fast as you can get there after work.

It’s weird when people come and go in your life, like one day they are there and in your everyday world then boom all of the sudden they are gone and in your every once in a while life. It’s funny how quickly that happens. They don’t teach you that in school. How to deal with your support person’s absence. There are some people who just get it, they understand what you are going through, either because they are in it too or they have been in it, and to wake up one day and realize they aren’t around is difficult. However life being what it is you learn to deal, learn to get by without that person until you hang out with them and the ache is back.

I have another ex-work friend, not the one I had dinner with tonight, who has breast cancer. She’s an older lady who was looking forward to retirement when her body screwed her and she was diagnosed with pretty aggressive cancer. She still retired, just delayed her travel plans and while we still keep in touch but it’s not the same. Instead of every day check ins  as we pass one another in the hallways, or hurried lunches, we now do quick text messages to say "hi" or "how’s it going" or the one that really hurts ... "I miss you!" She and I have been trying to get together for lunch for nearly two months. Before DragonCon I was super busy at work and just couldn’t get away, after the Con I was sick and didn’t want to be around in her in an already compromised state. I miss her, I really do. I want to see her, I want to talk to her, when we get together her hug gets a little tighter and a lot longer. It’s almost like neither of us want to let go for fear that it could be the last time we get that hug.

I have some friends I grew up with that I can go months without thinking about and then someone sends a text or a facebook message and we all jump on board and have dinner or meet at one of their houses and we spend hours catching up. These ladies remind me of my childhood. We laugh about things only they would understand cause they lived it with me. When I’m around them I’m reminded of the good days, the fun we had and I can’t think of why we’ve gone an hour not talking to one another let alone months or sadly years. We talk about their husbands, their kids, their divorces, and it’s crazy to me that life has happened while we aren’t paying attention.

I have another ex co-worker who was like my rock, the one I went to when I was having a horrible day and needed to be talked off my ledge I haven’t seen or talked to in several years. When she left we got together a few times for dinner or drinks after work, caught up on life and the drama of the office but it’s been literally years since I’ve talked to her. I keep thinking I’ll call her then don’t. I think about it at such odd ball times like early in the morning at an ungodly hour when no one should be awake much less calling others, or late at night when on the other side of that spectrum. I keep saying it’s ok cause she hasn’t called me either but the truth is I miss her and I’m going to set an alarm on my phone to call her this weekend.

That’s all it takes. That one person to pick up the phone, to send a text, or e-mail or message on social media to spark that connection again. Once that initial contact is made it’s all about keeping it going. I’ve always felt like the people that really matter will be around, but sometimes those people also need a shove. So consider this your shove dear reader. Get on your phone and contact that person you’ve been thinking about before it’s too late. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll thank me for it. Who knows maybe you’ll learn that the person has drifted away for a reason and you can stop obsessing or thinking about that person or you’ll reconnect that relationship that you really need in your life for your sanity.

Good luck – Marcy

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Original Fiction --YIPPIE!!!

Ok…. So today while working on my Halloween TV calendar, I had volleyball on in the background. I can’t remember the two teams playing (AKA it wasn’t Auburn) but it got me thinking about a story I wrote while at that wonderful university. I’ve spent the day sending inspirational/positive notes to a friend of mine on Twitter who is at a cross roads in her life. I told her she deserves to take a chance on herself. It’s funny to me that I can see that for other people but not for myself. So while it’s original fiction it’s not a story I just wrote the other day, that one still isn’t done and is starting to make me mad. In the meantime I’m sharing this one, I’m super proud of it and it often reminds me that at some point I did have talent. I just have to find it again, much like Mrs. Erika! :D So goes...

In love and life, nothing is certain. I learned that the hard way. I was 22 years old, and instead of getting ready for class, I drove to see my best friend for the last time. As I got off I-10, towards West Mobile, our relationship replayed in my brain, from the day we met until our last conversation, only a few days ago. We met in middle school, he sat behind me in home-room, but it wasn’t until high school that our friendship grew into something more than just acquaintances.

I was a senior and on the volleyball team. Steven was a recruit from our coach to help with the equipment. He was around all the time anyway, so she put him to work. We rode to school together in my dad’s Volkswagen convertible, so it was either wait for me, or walk home from school. I think he would have stayed anyway. His job was to keep the balls inflated, get linesmen for the games, and put up the net before practices and the games since we shared the court with the basketball team. There was plenty for him to do. Plus he was able to hang out with twelve girls every afternoon, so he didn’t mind the work.

During my senior year, I was thinking about college and he was getting ready to enter the work place something that, to this day, I hate. He was a smart guy and deserved college but the money just wasn’t there. It was hard for me to think about going to school without him sitting in the car next to me, something that we talked about only once.

“Why don’t you get a job in Tuscaloosa, then we can still be together?” I asked with a slight smile on my face, knowing he couldn’t do it.
             “Because,” he informed me between bites of his breakfast, a Snickers bar and a Pepsi, “that would make coming for a visit a lot less interesting.”
             “No, really,” I said, as I stole his drink. “How can I step on the court without you being there in my cheering section?”
             “Section? No offense my friend, but one person and your mom does not constitute a section. You’re going to do great. Just remember when you dive use your knee pads.” He started to laugh and I was happy when he started to choke on his ‘breakfast of champions.’

It was the one thing that I constantly had problems with on the court. My kneepads were always too low, or too high, usually ending my practices early.
             “Just stop diving,” Steven told me one day after an encounter with the floor.

My face was in a grimace as we walked back to the locker room to get my knee iced up. “It’s not like I go out there with the intention, to break my knee,” I told him.  I was determined not to cry as he started to wrap my knee. “Ow! That’s too tight. Damn, Steven, are you trying to kill me?”
             “Sorry. Should I go get coach? It seems to be really bad this time.” He never stopped wrapping my knee as he rolled his eyes at me.
             “No, and you have to swear that you won’t tell her. I’ll be ok. If she thinks I’m hurt then she’ll pull me out of the game Friday. That can’t happen. The scout from Florida is coming to look at me, and it’s my only ticket away from Alabama.”
             “So, I shouldn’t sign the lease on that apartment in ‘loosa, just yet, huh?”

 He gave me a tight smile and blinked several times; it was ok. I was blinking, too. The difference was if I started to cry I could blame it on my knee. He had no excuse. He left before the blinking no longer worked to stop his tears.

It didn’t matter because the scout from Florida wasn’t impressed. I barely made it through warm-ups and after the third service game my volleyball career was over. Sitting in the locker room crying while my team played on was the lowest point; I felt like I had let my team down, but more importantly I’d let myself down. There would be no scholarship, and no volleyball in college.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was hurt?” Coach Davis yelled at him.
             “Because she really wanted to play. I thought if she was really hurt she would tell you.”
             “Oh, please. You know her better than that.”

They both turned their attention to me and helped me out to my mother’s car. Truth be told Steven knew how bad I wanted that scholarship, and how bad that I wanted to play in college, so even if he knew my knee was broken he wouldn’t have told anyone.

I still went to the practices and games; after all, I was still on the team even if I couldn’t play. Now, I was the one sitting around waiting on Steven. He would get his stuff done, steal a ball away from the team, and we would set it back and forth until the coach needed him. He still believed that I could play in college; it was at a local park that he would learn the truth. We had gone to the park to study for mid-terms, but never opened a book.

            “So, when do you get your brace off? I’m tired of having to help you walk around school.”
            “Soon, I hope. I’m tired of you being everywhere I go.”
            “Think you’ll get to play in the final game?”
            “Steven, I’m not going to be playing volleyball this year or in college.”
            “Sure you will. It will just take a while to get back to speed, but you’ll play again. Stop being so dramatic.”
            “I’m not being dramatic. The doctor told me that one more hard hit, and surgery is the only option left. You know how I feel about surgery, and doctors. So I won’t be playing anymore.”
            “Damn, you’re serious aren’t you? That sucks. Are you ok?”
            “I have no choice but to be ok with it.”

I started to cry, and that’s why we never opened a book. He moved over so I could cry on his shoulder. It was the moment when I knew I didn’t want to leave him behind. I told him that and he laughed at me until he realized I was serious.

“So I guess your choices for schools have again changed. I wish you would make up your mind. I’m tired of having to buy you a new sweatshirt for each different school.” He opened his book bag and pulled out three sweatshirts-one for each school that I had considered.

I ended up going away to school as planned, with no major even thought about. I had two years to decide, which ended up being three years because as soon as I chose a major, it changed. I am now a semester away from graduation, and two weeks from finals, but all that is on the back burner as I pull up to the church. My black dress and heels would have had him dying with laughter. It just wasn’t me. He had only seen me in a dress once and it was at graduation: an event that we both spent the day laughing at because it was easier to laugh than it was to cry. He hadn’t wanted me to go away, but he didn’t want me to stay either. He knew how badly I wanted -no- needed to get away from this town. It was four years of e-mails, long distance phone calls, and snail mail letters, now all ending. Steven was no longer going to be with me, in the car or in my cheering section. I couldn’t decide if I was angry with him or just angry. I wanted him to be ok. I wanted to go back to a few days earlier, when he was driving home from work and that guy ran that red light. I wanted that guy to step on the brake and for Steven to be laughing at my dress.

After the funeral, which several of our friends from high school attended, his mother walked over to me. Her hair was messy, and she looked tired, but I guess so did I. She hugged me. The ring that Steven’s dad had given her when he was born dug into my back. She gave me an envelope and said, “He really loved you. You know that, don’t you?” I nodded, because the words didn’t come. I was glad that I’d decided to not wear makeup. I’m sure the mascara would have been running down my face, like the filling inside an Oreo on a hot day.

I walked to my car, no longer the convertible Volkswagen of all those years before, and got in. The envelope had pictures of the two of us from high school and those summer visits home, one from when we went to get our driver’s licenses. He was wearing that damn hat, the one with the New Orleans Saint’s logo. It was so old. It looked like it had been under a house for years, with rats living in it. His mother would wash it but it never came clean; the hat was white, but no one could tell. He wore it everywhere; I started to cry because I wanted to see him in that hat again. For all the times it use to make me mad, this time I would have been glad to see it. He brought it to our high school graduation but didn’t wear it, just wanted to make me smile. He could always do that; make me smile.

There was a CD in the envelope as well; I pulled it out and popped it into the CD player. It was a bunch of songs about friends doing things.

The Jacket cover of the CD was so him. The names of the titles were all over the place, with little phrases under them about the song. “You can’t have a friend Cd without this song,” was under You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor. Other songs included One, Two I Love You by Clay Walker, a song about two people who are friends since they were children; Let’s Get Together by the Young Bloods; and a song from a Winnie The Pooh CD called, Friends Forever. My mom bought us that CD when we graduated and told us it was because that one song was just us. The chorus of the song is that “Some things are just meant to be and that’s you and me.” The last song on the CD was Jimmy Buffett’s version of Brown Eyed Girl, because as Steven told me on so many occasions, “Every CD had to have a Jimmy Buffett song.”

I pulled out of the parking lot heading back to school, listening to it and thinking of him when his voice came out of my speakers, causing me to choke on my Snickers bar. In the background as he talked was Garth Brooks, singing A Friend to me: “Well you and I, we’re buddies, and we’ve been since we first met.” Garth faded out and Steven faded in. 

“Hey girl! I know I talked to you on the phone last night, but you sounded down so I wanted you to have a CD that would make you think of all the good things we have done and know I’ll always be there with you. If for one second you get sad, throw it out the window, but make sure the police aren’t watching, cause I’m not helping you pay the fine. I just wanted you to know that I do miss you and can’t wait until we are together again just hanging out. I miss you and well... I’ll deny ever saying this if you ask me in the future, but… I love you.”

I had to pull off the road as Garth Brooks finished singing “Yes, you’ve always been a friend to me.” It was as if he were telling me it was all ok. I never knew how he always knew what to say to me just when I needed it said, but I’m glad at least someone did. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go on knowing that he was gone, but this CD was going to help. I silently thanked him as I started up the car and drove back to school, finals, and a life without my best friend.

So there it is …. drop me a line…. Hit me up on twitter @beaslma or leave a comment below…. Should I keep  going?!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'll read what I want to!

It amazes me how different my brother and I are I mean let’s check the facts…. We have the same parents; We were raised in the same house; We went to the same schools; We had a lot of the same teachers; Being only 3 years apart we even hung around the same circles of people.

However with all those facts we are still polar opposites; if I were to list all our differences it would take to the end of eternity. Well ok not that fucking long, but still you get the point, the list would be quite impressive in size. With all our differences, the easiest way to separate us is that he is the type of person who has more movies than books, and I am the type that has more books than movies.

This doesn't mean that I don't like movies. Absolutely untrue, I LOVE movies! They are my means of escape, my way of checking out of reality. But books. I'm IN love with books! I admit it…I’m a Bibliophile. There I said it. Books have been my life-long companion. My magic carpet. My professors. They have supported my soul when there was nothing else to lean on. I am an insatiable book slut! I even love the smell of them.

So next week is a holiday of sorts at least for people like me. It combines books, for the nerd inside me, and rebellion, for the my gooey badass center. It's Banned Books Week! In case you, like Marcy didn’t know, Banned Books Week is a national celebration of the freedom to read. It creates awareness to the fact that even in these modern times, books are still actively censored, challenged and banned in the United States with most people not getting a say in which books are banned or allowed.

This year, Banned Books Week will focus on the freedom to read comics and graphic novels! Banned books, check! Comics, check! Graphic Novels, check! How can it get any better?!

I will be spending my week reading books off the ALA banned books list and encouraging others to rebel against the man and do the same! Check with your local libraries and see if they have a book challenge list or a censored/banned list. Support the freedom to read. Support the art form. If you have a comic shop, a book store or even the world's smallest library, make a display, plan an event. Explain to your wee ones why we should have the right to decide for ourselves what we choose to read. Then make sure they understand exactly why that freedom is important and that there are some countries and people who don’t have that freedom!

I hope you all celebrate this literary holiday and enjoy your freedom to stand up! So have fun you rebellious book whores and read on!

-golden @theonlygolden
How creepy is this .... but yeah that's how reading feels!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween is near....

This is NOT the post you are looking for ….

So earlier today I started a piece of fiction. Yeah that’s right I’m writing again. I’m still pretty medicated and after reading it again decided it wasn’t ready to post. It’s far too long, and way more ramble like than I’d like for it to be as it goes onto the interwebs for anyone to find. So I’m going to keep working on it and will share it with you all one day, just not today, maybe not tomorrow and frankly maybe never. However if it’s not this piece it will be another, that’s the thing about writing as you write it you either get a good vibe from what you wrote or you delete the file and pretend it never existed. That’s the great thing about writing. IF I don’t tell anyone I’m doing it then no one is disappointed when I don’t produce. Mental note to self don’t tweet that you are writing cause then the pressure and expectation is on and writers block takes over.

Since Dragon Con I’ve been sick, not as bad as Golden but then I’m not a Medical Marvel. Between my cough medicine, the 4 shots, and the 3 antibiotics I’m on it’s amazing I can even string a sentence together. I’m felt more human this weekend than I have in the last two weeks. I had to get up this Saturday and run some important errands which wore me out by the end of the day. This sickness is getting old. Like Golden as of Sunday I was still looking at suitcases with un-worn clothes still in them, I just haven’t had the energy or time with a crazy work schedule to get them unpacked. I did do laundry this weekend and changed the sheets on my bed so that’s a win for me.

As I said I also ran some errands … and what did I discover as I ventured back out into the world … HALLOWEEN had sprung. Ok sure most of it was CANDY but still I like candy. Walmart had some costumes out, ironically some of the adult sizes. Nothing was on the floor yet, everything in a neat and tidy place cause little hands hadn’t found the isle yet. I also discovered the Spirit store is set up and has started loading all their Halloween goodness into the stores. That’s a small parking lot, it’s going to be a nightmare and I can’t wait for it. I haven’t ventured to Party City yet, the mecca of all things costume but yes I can feel that trip coming and coming soon.

What I’m most excited about is that TV Networks are starting to post their October plans. I’m looking at you ABC Family, AMC, and Syfy. I LOVE IT! This is the earliest they’ve revealed this information. Usually this time of year they are focused on their season premier week and promoting their “new shows” hoping they will be the next big thing. Truthfully with no How I Met Your Mother premier who cares what’s coming on. However last night …. FOOD NETWORK HAD A COMMERICAL FOR HALLOWEEN WARS!!!!! It returns October 5th !!! It's by far my most favorite thing on earth. It’s a pumpkin carver, a sugar artist, and a cake decorator who will work together to make a cohesive design for the given theme of the week. IT’s by far the best reality competition show on TV seriously … watch it…fall in love with it. It doesn’t hurt that Justin Willman is the host of the show, he’s awesome and fantastic. BTW he has a new show coming up on Comedy Central Sleight of Mouth but don't worry i'll tell you all about that when he does. It too will be must see TV!

So why all this interest in October TV, cause I create a Halloween TV schedule. It’s funny cause it started out as something I did for Golden and myself, then I gave it to my Sister In Law for my nephews, and she gave it to a few people and then they gave it to a few people and now there’s an huge email list of people this thing goes to. People who I work with send me an e-mail asking about it, people I used to work with who send me e-mails reminding me to put them on the list. Heck Golden starts asking about it in August. Ha! It’s a mixture of Movies, Halloween themed TV shows, cartoons both classic and new and a little adult/kid mix. I also make one for Christmas but it’s gotten insane with Hallmark and Lifetime doing everything they can to extend the season well before Halloween.

So stay tuned cause this year I’ll be posting it here so that you can enjoy it, if interested. There are rules…as always but we’ll deal with those later!

Happy Monday! Have a fantastic week! - Marcy

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hello interwebs! LuLu here.

I have confiscated my moms computing device while she is in a sick med coma. She uses this damn thing all the time but I can't figure it all out. Sometimes she talks into it and then 20 minutes later some dude shows up with food. I wish I could figure that shit out. This kibble says chicken flavored but the only way I'm gonna believe that is if it's the ass end of a chicken.

So anywho.... Mom went off for about a week, and I threw down! I had my crew come over and we sat around playing poker for awhile. Had a few rubbish hands dealt me, but still walked away the winner. But I mean come on, we all know the house always wins.

Mom and her friends weren't gone long before an acquaintance of mine, Pablo Escobark, stopped by with my weekly energy supplements. I guess at this point I should probably provide the disclaimer that drugs are bad and in no way do I, Tallulah-Toulouse "LuLu" Dean, encourage any being to partake in such illegal activities.

Pablo hung out awhile before heading back home. Before the night was over the cat looked like a skunk from us doing so many lines off it's back! Lol it's cool, that cat is a total douche.

We all had a pretty great time until my grandparents showed up. I was barely able to get everybody out the back before they came in. The house was fucking trashed man! There was nothing I could do, fabreeze only covers so much! The rad thing was, though, that I got in no trouble! None! I know, I couldn't believe it either. They spent all day cleaning up & talking about what a messy house my mom keeps. Un-fucking-believable! I just got snacks, toys, attention and all the belly rubs I wanted. Just when I thought mom was never coming back, she did. It seemed like she was gone forever but in all honesty, she could have been gone for 20 minutes. I wasn't really paying attention.

I guess I was excited to see Mom. I mean for the most part she's cool. Sometimes she gets on my nerves. Like last week, I was trying to track something thru the yard and all she wanted to do is chase me around dancing and singing some shit about doing the time warp again. Seriously, what the fuck mom! So embarrassing! The neighbor dogs were out & saw everything. What the hell am I supposed to say to that?! But she isn't always like that. And even though I refused to tell her, I did kind of miss her. But i don't want her getting the wrong impression, like I can't make it without her. She would never leave!

She's been sick since coming back but she will probably be better soon. All she seems to do is take meds, go into a coma state, wake up, feed me & that asshole cat, take meds and go back into her coma. Over and over. As a matter of fact she should be waking soon. I wonder if I can get this posted before she does. Well I guess I will catch you two legged weirdos later. I'm gonna hide all of her left shoes before she wakes up. No reason why, I just like fucking with her.

-Peace, love & kibble!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not yet dead

So it seems that I am not dead. Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately but I got the black death. I really thought I would be dead today, but nope. I was saved by the power of antibiotics and anti-funk meds. Praise drugs! Since I was in Atlanta I was pretty sure it was either the walking dead zombie virus or the Ebola virus. But It was nothing so glamorous. I'm still kinda funky but I am getting better. Which means that I will be back to writing for the blog and harassing you guys again. Yay! (I think?)
I have been back from my vacation for a week now and I still have a suitcase that hasn't been fully unpacked. Bad Golden! I miss traveling. I used to do it all the time for business and pleasure. I love seeing new things, new places, new faces. I love the feeling that you get, of being a total alien, when you watch the local news in another city. I love being the eternal observer. I could be perfectly happy finding a place in a busy central hub and sitting all day and watching the new world go by. It makes my soul happy. Although as I grow from a little g into a Big G, I'm starting to love the feeling of coming home. To a place that's all mine. Knowing that after all the chaos of the world I can return to my fortress of solitude and recharge. Knowing that no matter what happens I can scoop up LuLu and snuggle in my happy place, with nothing to stand in my way. Well almost nothing, it seems LuLu isn't in the snuggle mood. Bad LuLu.

So I am sorry it's been a while without a post, but enjoy yourselves because I'm starting to feel up to my old annoying self. And soon you will all suffer! Bwahahahaha *cough cough cough* bwahahahaha *cough* well you get the point. I'm still sick. Just insert evil laugh here... 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy 1 Month Blogaversary!!!!!!!

While technically our first post was on Aug. 2nd all it said was “Coming soon .... the thoughts, rants, and observations of Marcy and Golden. Join us … you’ll be glad you did”  so I count Aug. 3rd as our OFFICIAL first post if you don’t like it get your own blog …. No wait don’t leave!!!!

WE are thrilled that people are visiting, we are at 788 page views at this very moment. So keep coming back and bring your friends!

So I say to our readers HAPPY 1 MONTH BLOGAVERSARY and thank you so very much for joining us!

We have had a busy month. In 28 posts we have discussed of course the Con, the anxiety of the lead up to the Con, the guilt of leaving a furbaby behind, a post about music and what it does for us, an invite to join the ScarySocial, Lupus struggles, growing up or not, packing, and original fiction.

I hope the coming month will include more original fiction. I have written a few stories but all seem to long to post here, and aren’t 100% ready to put “out there yet.” We’d love to know what brought you to the blog, if there’s anything you’d like for us to talk about so let us know. So hit us up, either in the comments below or via Twitter.

In the meantime check out the previous moths posts while we continue to come out of our DragonCon stuper and I get over the Con Crud, if that is what I have. All I know is that at the moment I can’t hear and only half of my nose works at a time.

Monday, September 1, 2014

DragonCon Coma

I write this sitting on Golden’s couch, shout out to Lulu who won’t walk through a half closed gate cause she’s a cracked out baby, with Golden sleeping off the Con through a showing of Sherlock Season 1. Since we are back in the world of Lulu that means we have officially left the Con behind. We packed up, dusted ourselves off, and got out of our Hotel before the maid service showed up cussing. Golden did leave them one little present …

Not gonna lie … kinda wish I could have seen their face for that one, then again they might have just rolled their eyes and said awwww hell and proceeded to strip the rest of the bed and clean the room to turn it around for the next guest.

Overall the weekend was a success, however the goals I set for myself a few post back just didn’t pan out. I had two really great opportunities to literally let my hair down and dance the night away and the best I could do was sway back and forth. At the Arthur Dent PJ party I even had a guy try to dance with me as I was walking around looking for my friends and I politely ran away like a scared little girl. Sigh… I guess I just didn’t want to waste his time. He looked like he was really enjoying the party and dancing with me seemed well beneath him. Like I wasn’t worthy of his skills. During the Yule Ball, which we crashed after Dumbledore had sent all the kiddos to their respective common rooms, the only one not in our crew to talk to me was a guy who wanted me to watch his bag while his cell phone charged in a nearby plug. Bottom line .... techno music, and dancing just aren't my thing and my expectations are much larger than my bravery.
That being said DragonCon was not a total loss. I got to high five Darkwing Duck, saw Oscar the Grouch, hung out with three really fantastic ladies, got to see Maribel's face when she saw Optimus Prime, and got my picture made with Bender and that was all in a single day.
There’s talk of going back next year, I’m still worn out from this year, I don’t even want to think about next year right now. However it’s my understanding that to get good rooms for 2015 we needed to have book them last year or even better in 2010. If we return, when we return, we'd like to be in one of the host hotels. We think the noise and people will make up for the travel back and forth to and from the Con, which honestly was made easier by use of Uber. Seriously NPH is right, with the exception of one driver, it's a fantastic car service for the "everyman."

We also think it will help us in making more of the lovely DragonCon panels and best of all when everyone else is wanting to continue to walk around and I was completely spent I could have said guys I’m out and took to the room to crash. As it was I waited for the group, sitting on the floor or in a chair I found and thus have spent the last two days in a semi-permanent state of exhaustion. This does not bode well for traveling by car 4+ hours. This is why I’m spending the night with Golden instead of heading south. Well that and the fact that I miss the hell out of this woman when I’m not with her and I wanted to delay that a bit. I'm not done laughing with her, and most important I'm not ready for my vacation to be over, I'm not ready to get back to the real world, sigh .... I guess I need a vacay for my vacay.

So DragonCon it was real and yes it’s very likely we’ll see you again next year so well played DragonCon we are now hooked – which I guess was your goal so at least one of us can say we accomplished something this week. Expectations met and Mischief Managed.