Friday, June 26, 2015

Love Wins!

Today is an amazingly awesome day. Today is the day that LOVE won! Today is the day that common sense took over and we leaped over the fence of inequality. Today we made it possible for same sex couples to join in matrimony no matter where they live.

Today the White House looked like this.

When has that ever happened?

Today’s decision was long overdue and while it is exciting there are areas of this country fighting this ruling. I for one can’t wait to see my same sex couple friends walk down the aisle, something that wasn’t allowed where I live before. It’s always bothered me that I could literally go to Vegas, meet a random stranger, and be married by the end of the week and I have a friend who has been with his partner for over 15 years and they couldn’t even ponder the idea of it. We have televisions shows about people meeting and having to decide if they are going to marry by the end of the episode. The drama created in a show like this is what sells but the real life drama of every day couples taking chance on one another would be far more entertaining.

So today, I want to say congratulations to ALL couple out there taking a chance on one another cause at the end of the day that’s the core of what we are and what we do. Every day we walk out of our houses and rely on each other to get through our days. The fact that Marriage Equality passed will bring us all a little closer tomorrow and my believe is that eventually we’ll all be on board until that day let’s celebrate the wins while we can!


Marcy & Golden

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

It’s that time of the year where we all stop rolling our eyes at our dad and celebrate everything he’s done for us, to us, around us, and with us. We post pictures of our dad’s through the years, usually a picture of us with our dad, and talk about what a wonderful human being/teacher/protector he’s been. Unless of course your dad was a deadbeat who left your mom in a cloud of dust one fall day and never came back, those guys they are bitter and want no part of this day, at least until they become a father then they celebrate it with gusto! So in an effort to breathe life back into this blog I’m participating in the obligatory Father’s Day post, join me by sharing some observations of your own father!

It’s ironic to me that I have two parents who are totally involved, totally present, and yet hate the idea of either Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Both think it’s an absurd holiday not worth putting on a calendar much less the time and effort spent to celebrate it. See my mom’s dad was MIA most of her life. He was that dad that left when she was younger and never really looked back. She’s not sad about it … it was just her reality. I never met him and she doesn’t talk about him. My dad’s dad died when he was a pre-teen (or a tween as some call it now a days, not me mind you, but others who should be punished for doing so). So neither of them really celebrated Father’s Day growing up, it was just another day on the calendar and when my brother and I were born it was a foreign day to them. They aren’t stupid they knew the concept they understood the purpose it just wasn’t for them. Or so I thought.

Several years ago we were cleaning out the attic and I pulled down a box marked “KIDS” which I assumed were me and my brother not a box containing information about my dad’s other family. Full disclosure my dad has no other family but sometimes my over active imagination got the better of me when he was on business trips. I always assumed he left that family and came back to us cause we were cooler tho it wasn’t really discussed.  Anyway I opened the box and found years of handmade and bought Father’s Day cards with my name or my brother’s writing on the back of the card with the year. It was then that I realized that no matter what he said the day did mean something to him and thus the effort we put into it did too.

My dad didn’t miss much, yes he worked hard, often staying at work until well past nightfall and would have to go out of town sometimes but he made more baseball/softball/basketball/volleyball/tennis and even soccer games than most dads did, and I have the video tapes to prove it. He made both my brother and I “videos” of our greatest sports moments using “put me in coach” and synced it with the song. To this date it’s the greatest piece of ciema I’ve ever seen. :D

Dad also spent his vacations working around the house, which meant we worked around the house. I thought my dad was brilliant, he could do anything with his hands, from building furniture to doing electrical work. He often had us follow him around as he did these things I guess hoping that we’d learn how to do those things too via osmosis. He was not entirely wrong but the truth is we were more in the way than we were helping. He’d send us for this tool or another and sometimes we’d bring it back, but he always accomplished whatever with whatever we brought him. He is real resourceful that way.

My dad is also crazy smart about technology; he is the one who brought e-mail to his company. His boss told him at the time that “email was a fad” but dad insisted it was the way people would be doing business years from now. Now every employee in the company has e-mail even the summer interns, often before they are even assigned a computer. He can do anything to a computer, and always has the best technology available. Heck every computer within a 2 mile radius of him is eagerly waiting and is 100% compatible with Windows 10 all because of him.

The point is that like a lot of you I’d not be here without my dad and I’m glad I have the dad that I do, even in those instances where he is driving me insane with his views of politics or his ideas on “life.”

A Father’s Day post can’t be completed without Golden saying something about her awesome dad. Her dad is a lot like my dad he’s hardworking at work and at home, he’s knowledgeable about many things and is constantly doing things to make their family’s lives better.  I’m proud he’s a father figure in my life and I’m happy when I get to sit next to him at the table and talk to him, a rare feat actually cause he talks very little.
So Golden wanted to add this …

Thanks for always being my lawn care professional, my maintenance man, my squancher of bugs, my griller of meat, my fixer of cars, my weather man, cheerleader, my constant protector, my dad.

So to all the dad’s out there … HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! I hope you were celebrated in some way, shape, or form, and that someone else manned the grill for you today!

Marcy's Dad filming a softball game many years ago

Golden's Dad introducing her to her brother many years ago

-Marcy & Golden

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Blog Is NOT dead....

I promise ... we haven't abandoned this blog, it just ... life keep getting in the way :( I've written several blogs in my head then have completely forgotten all about them, it happened again on my way home from work. It's like the blog seeps out of my brain through my ears and out the window as I'm listening to my favorite song on my way home. In my defense work has been crazy but I've used that as an excuse before and frankly I know what you are thinking ...

You wouldn't be wrong, I agree I suck, however I will say that googling "I suck" in an effort to find a picture for a blog posting is NOT something I suggest you do unless safe search is turned on. Then again if that's your thing ... enjoy. **NSFW** though if i have to tell you that ... then you really shouldn't perform that search.
It hit me today that we are nearing the 1 year anniversary of this blog in a few months and I still haven't found my voice. I don't know what to share with you guys and it seems stupid to be like
"I love Cheetos they are delicious"
Mostly because that's a waste of my time, your time, and the internet, also because that's not really a discussion builder. I never had this thought that this blog would take off like wildfire but I was hoping for a little more discussion happening, then again if we don't give you something worth talking about then that's on us. Or as you said previously ...

Again ... you would not be wrong though I do like the method you chose this time to tell me so. Etch-A-Sketch art is ah-mazing, google that it's a little safer. So once again I make the promise to you that we will be back, we will start posting again, and we will generate conversation on this blog or DIE TRYING!

For me I'm working on a sequel to my never ending Haley and Michael saga which I find myself thinking about all the time and until I get it out of my head and on a screen that will continue. When i say I'm working on it I mean I've opened the file several times and then starred at it for hours with very little written. However I'll get thee with it and when i do you'll get to read it .. if you are interested.

Golden is currently begging her body to just be a body. Her stupid body sometimes forgets it's side of the bargain on life and she has to man handle it back into submission. So when she gets back up and around, literally, I'll get her on another blog because unlike me she has found her voice and if you haven't read her posts you really should. They tell a story, teach some, and will make you laugh ... guaranteed. She's way better at this than I am and frankly I can't have that! :D

So until next time I leave you with this ....

... if nothing else I like to think I'm a better poet than Patrick.