Friday, January 30, 2015

Wonderful Week

Hey readers!!!! Listen carefully ….. cause I don’t say this often ….. but I had a WONDERFUL WEEK!!!!! Work went well, it was my birthday, and I’m learning a new program at work that is frankly turning out more “fun” and challenging than I thought it would be.

I realized this week, even with some new co-worker drama that it’s been a long time since I dreaded going to work. That was a nice thing to realize. I have a new boss who appreciates my talents, sees that I’m a hard worker, and who values my input. I really feel like I don’t work FOR him as much as I work with him, tho I do admit I enjoy letting him take the lead on the co-worker drama then again that's why he makes the big bucks. I won’t get into the coworker drama cause frankly you wouldn’t believe some of it even if I told you cause I’ve lived it and can’t believe some of it.

This past week I turned 30-something …. I’m closer to 40 something than say 20 something but I won’t share with you my age just yet. Not that I really care about my age but people tend to write people off based on their age. You are too young, you are too old, you are lacking experience, or you are out of touch and your experience no longer counts. It’s a pretty lame thing to judge someone by but that’s the world we live in. So for now just know I’m older than a college kid but act like an elementary school kid sometimes and others I act like the old lady who lives in a shoe, sans children of course.

This year’s Birthday is going to rank as one of the top Birthday’s of my life. Not because I did anything all that interesting but the people in my life made me feel ridiculously special. Some co-workers forced me to go to lunch (I was working on a deadline and thinking I might work through it) they took no for an answer and I had a fantastic time. I haven’t laughed that hard in years. The conversation was fun, the company was fantastic, and it was just the break I needed to get through the rest of the day. A dear friend sent me a cookie bouquet, my office got me a cookie cake (when I was younger I enjoyed those more than cake so mom would make me one every year, I told a coworker that and she remembered), and mom and dad grilled me a hamburger. Mom put extra bacon on it, which is the definition of love I think. As with anyone else in the social media age I heard from a lot of Facebook friends and even more Twitter friends wishing me a good day. My phone always has a heart attack on my birthday but it’s always worth it seeing friends who took the time out of their day to remember me even if it was just cause Facebook reminded them to.

At work we implemented a new program today, a program most of the world have been using for a while but it’s new to us. When it was first introduced about a month or so ago I was skeptical about it, it feels like taking an already stressful job and making it even more so for no reason. Between project managers who don’t get into the game until late, to subconsultants sending their information in a variety of formats, it just seems we are adding unnecessary work to the process all because someone thinks it will look “better.” Frankly I think we could do a lot of the same stuff with our old programs but after using it today I have to admit, I’m enjoying this new process. Yes it’s going to add a learning curve and make the process a little longer at first but what I created today looked good and was kind of fun. I didn’t feel like a copy and paste monkey so that was fun. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be ranting about how crazy all this is or how frustrating life has become with insane deadlines and recreating these documents from scratch every time.

Oh! And if that weren’t enough my Auburn Tigers Gymnastic team has been kicking butt and taking names. Next week they will be live on SEC Network so I’ll get to watch them take on one of the best Gymnastics programs in the NCAA. This team has so much promise and is filled with so talent it’s sick. These girls are amazing!!!! WAR EAGLE!

I don't have weeks like this often so I wanted to document it. Sorry to brag. Overall it’s been a great week, so I hope you guys had a good one as well and if not maybe next week will be your week.



Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dreams, Music, and the Royal family … a fun combination …

Normal people dream about their crushes, or put themselves into their favorite movies, books etc., or even people in their lives me… I dream about songs, music, musicians. One time I dreamed that I was at Justin Timberlake’s BBQ and ended up tearing up his potato salad machine, maybe I’ll share that with you one day it was a good one. Last night I had a dream about a new song “We’ll Always Have Mexico” that’s infected my brain by a country band called Haley and Michaels. An adorable couple from California with a unique sound. Get their EP here or via Itunes it’s one of my favorites of 2014.

Anyway here’s my dream … with a royal twist!


Harry dragged Kate into the room and said “Come on we can do this we just have to prove it to her!” “She’s never going to let us” she says as she follows him into the room. He sits her down in a chair then takes the chair next to her and they look ahead. The Queen is sitting there, as the Queen does all prim and proper. “Go ahead.”

Harry looks at Kate, she looks back and he starts singing ….
Hey nice to see you, how are you doin'
Wow, how long has it been

Kate takes a breath and joins him …
Last time I saw you you were leavin' for Boston
Thought I would never see you again

Harry continues…
But here I am seein' your face
And it's all comin' back
Like it was just yesterday

The two of them harmonize starting to get lost in the song …
And that song played
La da da da, la da da da
Remember that night on the beach
You laid next to me
La da da da, la da da da
Countin' stars and feelin' so free
You said to me
If this is as far as we go
We'll always have Mexico

At this point both Kate and Harry have forgotten that other people are in the room, they are completely focused on each other and the song. Then Kate remembers the next verse, the one she’s been worried about since Harry suggested this crazy idea, and gets a little nervous but plows ahead.
Do you remember drinkin' so much tequila
You fell off your seat at the bar

The Queen gave a disapproving grunt causing Kate to cringe afraid they’ve upset her, and Harry touches her arm continuing the song. . . .
Later that evenin' we danced in the moonlight
And you fell asleep in my arms

Harry keeps Kate’s gaze as they fall back into the song starring at one another…

We had one hell of a week
I still think about you
Do you think about me

Singin' la da da da, la da da da
Remember that water so blue
Me kissin' you
La da da da, la da da
Oh, the lovin'
Havin' nothin' to do
I said to you
If this is as far as we go
We'll always have Mexico

Now it was Harry’s turn to blush as he thinks about all the press associated with what his sister-in-law wears.

La da da da, la da da da
You look so good in that dress

After listening from the hallway, William walks into the doorway with a grin on his face. He’s staying back so as to not mess up their performance, but he loves the playfulness in his wife’s voice and enjoys seeing her smiling as she starts to sing the last of the song. Her favorite part.
La da da da, la da da da
I know you got a plane to catch So I guess this is as far as we go
But we'll always have Mexico

William starts clapping from the doorway of the room and Prince Phillip sitting next to the Queen joins him. It jolts Harry and Kate back to reality. Kate blushes, and Harry turns to his grandmother, “Can we do it at the benefit? Please?”

The Queen looks to them, “When did this happen?”

Harry laughs, “It's didn't, it’s a band in the States. Kate heard the song on the radio last time she and Will were there and she sent it to me. We love it and think it’s a fantastic song! It will play well at the benefit.”

Kate isn’t breathing cause she’s afraid the Queen is upset with them, it’s so hard to tell from just looking at her, even after all these years. She thinks to herself, did I just cuss in front of her …oh bloody hell....I did. She looks over her shoulder to William who is beaming at her. He nods at her and mouths, ‘breathe its ok’.

The Queen looks at Kate, “Are you comfortable with what the song … implies?”

Kate looks to Harry and back, “People make assumptions about me all the time, this will just be another one that’s not true. It would definitely give the benefit some "attention." If you are worried about it we can get the American band and have them sing it. It’s a beautiful song and Harry's right it would play well at the show.” She takes it as a compliment that the Queen thinks it could be a real story. She never dreamed when she sent the song to Harry he'd suggest the two of them sing it as a duet tho she has enjoyed practicing it with him.

The Queen replied, “Who is the band?”

Kate takes out her phone, “They are called Haley and Michaels, a cute couple who recently released an EP of the same name. This song is on that album. William and I heard them playing in the car and I hummed it for several days. William bought it for me and thought it would be fun for the benefit so we sent it to Harry. The duet was Harry’s idea.” She hands her phone to the Queen, realizing she kind of threw her brother-in-law under the bus.

The Queen is looking at the cover of the EP on Kate’s phone when Prince Phillip leans over, “She’s beautiful, I’d like to meet her.” Both Harry and Kate exchange glances and waited.

The Queen says, "ok they will sing it, get them to the benefit.” She starts walking away then turns back, “Harry … stay out of Mexico.” Then leaves the room. Prince Phillip leans into Kate, “Buy me a copy of that album please.” Then he pats her on the shoulder and walks out after his wife humming La da da da, la da da da.

Harry looks crestfallen and Kate turns to him, “What’s wrong? You were right she liked the song!”

“I wanted to sing it!”

Kate walks over to William and turns back, “maybe if you ask nicely they’ll let you sing backup!” then her and William leave the room laughing.


Then I woke up ... well truthfully my alarm went off….. I would have loved to see the rest of this dream. It made me happy to think that this band would get this much attention from Kate and it made me smile to have the two of them bonding over this song, cause in my head that’s the kind of relationship they have.

It’s a really great song and I highly recommend this EP, this song, the record and more important this band. They are an adorable couple who are also insanely talented. Here’s a few others from this group….

This is their version of 500 Miles which you may have heard on the radio ... I heard it on the way home from work one day, fell in love with it and rushed home to look them up.
This is another song on the EP Just Another Love Song, which is the song that took me from "fan" to "super fan"
Dream big, listen to music, and have a great weekend guys!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Skull Fucked

So... for awhile now I've been told by my many doctors that I need eye surgery. My vision is pretty good, it's not that kind of surgery. See… I have the privilege of being a Medical Marvel and a by product of that is that my body has a major case of the stupids. My body over produces antibodies and the antibodies get totes bored and decide to go wild like a whore at her first college frat party.

The antibodies attack my body, my joints, skin, organs, hair, pretty much anything is free game. A couple of years ago I had to have my thyroid removed because the antibodies had aggravated it so badly it had grown into the side of my face. I'm proud to say that my thyroid was the record holder for the biggest they ever had at that hospital. Bitches still didn't give me a trophy. The minor surgery went badly fast and ended up being way more invasive than planned.

Since that surgery was such a success the attention quickly changed to my eyes. The antibodies have attacked my eyes so much that there is now extra inflammation and tissue behind my eyes and it's causing my eyes to bulge out as if they are trying to escape my face. Even though the doctors were super dismissive about the surgery, flapping their hands about saying that it's just a little surgery, I was having no part of it.

As George W. said "Fool me once (with a "small surgery") shame, fool me twice, well I can't get fooled again."

However every time I would go to appointments they would address the eye surgery issue again. I'm sure you realize that I am a full grown adult, but I can get real fucking childish when the need arises. No matter how many times the doctors would bring it up, I would act a donkey and refuse to discuss it. After some time had passed one of my favorite doctors on my team, that’s right I have a TEAM of doctors, brought it up and basically said that it would be pretty fucking stupid to not talk to a surgeon and at least gather the information for my records, just for future reference. He was even brave enough to tell me I was being pretty damn dramatic for such a small surgery.

Well I'm many things but not stupid or ill prepared is not one of them. So I allowed them to schedule an appointment with the surgeon, because I mean come on “It's just a little surgery!” The day of the appointment came and I took my mother with me in order to help me digest the information. I had been marinating on the situation and had one really important question that I really needed the answer to. I go through all these insane tests to see how badly my vision had become and then finally get to see the “holy savior of eye balls.”

The surgeon came in and was pleasant but not overly nice, just how I like them. After introductions had been made and she got all up in my face space to personally measure my eyes, she sat back and asked "Before we get into the details are there any initial questions?" Rookie mistake.

I had just one but it was very important. I've never known anybody to have this done and the doctors wouldn't give me any details (it's their fault, however my behavior may have led to their lack of details), but I imagine that they have to do both eyes at the same time so that they are aimed the same way. Right? I don't want it like a cheapo fucked up tit job where you got one titty aimed nipple up and one aimed nipple left and I walk the rest of my days as the cockeyed lonely wanderer. . . . SILENCE. . . .  

The surgeon looked at me and then back at my mom. Mom met her gaze with a shoulder shrug and an eye roll that conveyed that I had been raised right but something had gone wrong along the way.

The holy savior of eye balls replied, "Lets start from the beginning. Your 1st surgery will be on your weakest eye. We will break the occipital bone of your skull, remove that part of your skull, scrape the extra inflamed tissue from behind that eye and recess the eye back in your skull. Your 2nd surgery will be two weeks later and we will go through the same skull breaking/removal process on the other eye. Your 3rd surgery we will take and clip the skin at the corners of your eyes to reconstruct your eyelids. You should also know that this is only successful on two out of five people. And there is the slight risk that this can leave your vision worse than what it was when we started." I can’t make this stuff up.

 At this point many things happened at once, both at normal pace, but also at this weird slow motion pace. My mom slowly began gathering our items to leave as she braced for impact. I dropped and shook my head readying myself by taking a deep breath, I did not have time to go to jail today. Then the holy savior of eye balls did something real stupid, she made the assumption that I was about to cry and moved in closer to console me with touch. Bless her, she was right in my crosshairs, she had nowhere to go.

I looked up … "So 1st of all this isn't some 'Little fucking surgery' that I keep hearing about it's not 'A' any-fucking-thing. It's THREE! THREE fucking surgeries that will take around 2-3 months to endure and recover from! How the fuck am I supposed to work, going about as patchy the fucking pirate?! Now, there are thee of us in this fucking room! You're telling me that if I grabbed two fuckers from the waiting room this surgery will only be a success on two out of fucking five of us! Fucking super! Excellent! So it'll be fucking fine because when I'm doomed to walk the earth with cockeyed tit up, tit left eye balls and I get snatched by traveling carnies who rape, kill, and drop my dead ass in a ditch it's fucking cool...Mom don't will be easy as hell to identify my dead body because I'll be the dead bitch with THE FUCKED UP OCCIPITAL BONE MISSING FROM MY SKULL! Just write it down mom! Write it the fuck down now so on my tombstone you know I want it to say ‘She Died Like She Lived Ballin' and Shot Callin'!"

Mom didn't miss a beat she kindly thanked the holy savior of eye balls for her time and began putting on her coat. The surgeon meekly squeaked that there was good news. That at this point my vision should be diminishing and I should be losing the capacity to differentiate between colors, but that all my test results showed that my vision was really good. She suggested that since it appeared I needed time to process the info discussed and that as long as I maintain good vision they would consider this a cosmetic choice only not a necessity. Bless her I’m sure she meant well.  

I still have to go routinely and make sure that I'm continuing to “maintain good vision.” Tho I’m pretty sure that everyday that passes I'm one day closer to going blind. At some point it will no longer be my choice, it will become a necessity to do it because a 40% chance of success is better than nothing. I'm actually due to go back and see this surgeon again here in the next month, why she consents to see me still I don't even know, she must have lost some kind of bet in hell. Recently I was with my mom as she flipped through a random notebook then looked to me with all the seriousness in the world and asked "Just so I get it right, are you still passionate that we put 'She died like she lived balling and shot calling' on your tombstone...or....have we moved past that?"

Until I come up with something better … yeah that’s what we’ll put.

-golden (@theonlygolden)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Writing Experiment #1 - Daddy Squirrel and his new bed

So I read some writing website that’s got some exercises to get people to start writing, and one of them was to just write from a stream of consciousness. Basically write for about 20 minutes and then turn what you have written into something. So … here goes.  

Today my dad went to Lowes then he lost his mind. While in Lowes he realized his credit card was missing. He frantically looked around his feet to see if he dropped it, no. Then he remembered that after my nephew’s basketball game yesterday we went out to lunch and that was the last place he knew he had it. So we called the restaurant who said they looked for it and did not find it. So we turned the house upside down before calling to have it cancelled. I went outside walking around the car to make sure it didn’t fall on the ground and I have this insane thought that a squirrel found my dad’s card. See in my head the squirrel has a bad back, and when he found the card he rushed it home and set it up in his bedroom and laid down. For the first time in ages his back felt good, he was able to stretch out his back, work out some of kinks, and instantly fell asleep.
His squirrel wife came home from the store and was shocked to find him asleep. She woke him up and he quickly told her about this new bed and made her laydown. She hasn’t been having back problems and thus did not share the love of the bed that her husband had. They got in a huge fight cause she wanted him to drag that thing out of her house, yelling at him that it has bumps all over it, a random picture of an eagle on it, which scared her, and was gross! He refused and their squirrel kids were scared cause they hadn’t heard mom and dad fighting like this. So mom and dad squirrel have to stop and calm the kids down and in the process that dad squirrel explains to the mom just why he likes the new bed and how it makes him feel better but if it really upsets her he’ll get rid of it. So momma squirrel gets up, walks over to the new bed, AKA my dad’s credit card, and shoves It over leaving enough room for her to sleep and him to lay on the new bed. Daddy squirrel cries and says thank you so much. Then the four of them go out for a few winter nuts in celebration.

So I guess what I'm saying is take a minute to listen to the people around you, if we could all just understand where everyone is coming from then maybe our day would be better.  

This people is what happens in my head randomly though out the day . . . . . . . and I wonder why some people think I’m crazy. :D


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NKOTB on the Goldbergs!!!!!

So I had planned to blog tonight, like seriously pour out my heart and have this epic, deep, post that would make everyone think, maybe even call their mom, but yeah it’s 9pm and it just isn’t happening. I got all caught up in the Goldbergs and their New Kids On The Block flashback episode called DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan which the 12 year old in me LOVED!!!!!! I was Erica Goldberg, I wasn’t a superfan, I was a MEGAfan!!!!!! BTW if you aren't watching The Goldbergs on ABC but grew up in, around, or near the 80s you should be. They have had some pretty epic nostalgia episodes, like the Goonies, the video game knock out, the presidents physical fitness challenge and every toy known to man. Catch it on Wed. on ABC!!! It's well worth it and it will make you laugh.

Anyone that reads this blog knows that I love music, music of all kinds, music in general is my life source. I get up in the morning humming a song, I go to sleep humming a different one. My MP3 player having a dead batter is WORSE to me than my cell phone being dead. True.Story.

This love started early in my life and crested when the NKOTB hit the air. It wasn’t just that there were these 5 guys who at any other moment in life wouldn’t be in the same room but it was also that they sang and danced their way into my heart.

So while watching the Goldbergs tonight I was compelled to rush up to my room, open my closet door, go into the old toy box and retrieve my “WIZ personal Locker” and pull out my NKOTB stash. My stash included baseball cards, wall banners, fiction books, scrapbooks, comic books, buttons, fan clubs newsletters, and of course my FAN CLUB CARD!!!! I was sad to realize that my NKOTB Barbie dolls were not in the locker, but am confident they are in my attic. They better fucking be in my attic! Also not pictured are my epic VHS tapes of their concerts which my friends and I watched over and over and recreated in our upstairs recroom.

So instead of the epic post I thought I’d share relics of my past…… enjoy!
My mom and I before my first concert ever ... she is the best mom EVER! circa 1991ish
FULL disclosure my NKOTB library (which I bought on Itunes the second they showed up on Itunes) is ALWAYS on my MP3 player, and I rock out to Hanging Tough about 20 times a week. I have every record they’ve ever released and I love every single track, well that’s a lie, there are some tracks I just skip but for the most part I take a moment in my daytime life and send a mental high five to that 12 year old girl and tell her hey …. We are a okay! :D

Have a fantastic week people!

Marcy (@beaslma)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Posi JuJu for 2015


Oh wow guys! Happy obligatory New Year's! *Makes barf face* Marcy is determined that I write about my resolutions. Resolutions for the entire year of 2015. Entire Year. 365 days....l-o-n-g! Look, I can't control how my day is going to play out, how in the hell am I gonna control a whole year?!

Ooh be right back, it's my trivia turn... Ok, I'm back. I totally suck at sports questions. Anyway where was I? Ah yes, Marcy's evil demands! So I really thought about it.

The way I see it, is that resolutions fall into 3 categories.
1. Things I plan on implementing or improving.
2. Things I plan on maintaining.
3. Things I vow to change or stop.

Now I know some of you may find this hard to believe, but I am pretty awesome as it is, so I don't see why I should go changing to suit some made up ritual of resolutions, but because I'm nothing if not a bitch of my word, I did tell Marcy I would, so….. I will…. well here goes....

For things I plan on implementing or improving...
§   I plan on having more pajama days.
§   I plan on trying to be a more consistent blogger. But I make NO PROMISES!
§   I plan on taking more passionate naps.
§   I plan on taking more days off work. Not because I'm sick, or I have a doctor's appointment or even plans. But just because I need a "Me day" so I can go on and get my me on.

For things I plan on maintaining...
§   - First & foremost, I resolve to continue to be a pain in the ass to my many personal doctors and nurses.
§   - I resolve to continue to work towards my "big picture" goal of world domination.
§   - I resolve to continue my refusal to wear matching socks.
§   - I resolve to continue watching horribly cheesy ass horror movies.

For things I vow to change or stop....
§   - I vow to drink less water in order to make room for more of my sweet dark mistress, Diet Coke.
§   - I vow to stop acting like I have any fucking interest in running or cycling.
§   - I vow to quit buying books, comics, and video games only to let them stack up because I'm busy with stupid, boring adult type things.

All these vows and resolutions I make to you! If only you make me your one true supreme leader! Sorry got carried away there working on my resolution to continue my bid for world domination. SEE?! Already checking shit off my list! Take that Marcy! Suck it!

For everybody else I hope that if you are the resolution type person, you are able to stick to yours. As for me I will probably have lost interest before this is even posted.

Posi JuJu to you all for 2015!
-golden (@theonlygolden)

By the way, because I know you are all worried, I’m kicking this trivia's ass!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

HAPPY 2015!!!!!! It’s here … a new year, a new calendar on the wall, a time to reflect and prepare for the next 365 days. So …. Here’s my obligatory New Year’s Resolution post. I don’t normally “do” New Year Resolutions cause all it really becomes is a list of shit I didn’t accomplish. This is because I always put things on it that just frankly don’t pan out. Losing weight, traveling more, relax more … that kind of crap just doesn’t pan out for me. It’s not that I don’t want to do those things they just don’t end up happening, so this year I’m going with things I can actually accomplish. . . .

1.     I want to read more…new books, old books, digital books…. Just books in general. This will definitely be helped as the sequel to Game.Set.Match by JenniferIacopelli called Losing at Love which should come out very soon. The series focuses on an elite group of tennis players at the Outer Banks Tennis Academy and their lives on and off the court and especially how those two worlds collide more than they would like. I can’t wait to find out what happens to these characters next! If you are looking for something to read I can't recommend Game.Set.Match enough, especially if you are a Tennis fan but honestly a non-tennis fan will love it as well!
2.     I want to see more movies in the theater. I’m horrible about seeing something and wanting to see it but then never thinking about it again. I don’t like to go to movies alone and with Golden so far away I’m going to have to find others to sit next to me while I eat delicious popcorn. I’m starting this weekend by going to see Into the Woods with a friend of mine at the Crescent Theater here. An old school theater with a single screen which is a great atmosphere. So check! :D
3.     I want to procrastinate less. Mostly so I’m not spending my entire weekends catching up on things that I should have accomplished days before.
4.     I want to write more. Not just write but actually finish a story and be proud of it.
5.     I do want to lose weight cause I think it will help my knee from deciding at random intervals to stop being a knee. There are times that I am walking along then all of the sudden it buckles and I’m not so much walking as wishing for death. I know that my weight doesn’t help this however I also really like food.
6.     I’d like to travel more, even if it’s just to Birmingham to see Golden. On the bucket list include… New York, Atlanta (maybe for DragonCon), New Orleans, Los Angeles is a long shot I know.
7.     I want the people in my life to have better health in 2015, from my friend still battling breast cancer, or my other friend who has beaten Leukemia (knock on wood), to my “Medical Marvel” I hope my friends have better luck health wise in 2015.
8.     I want to spend more time with my nephews, quality time not just sitting and watching them play sports. I miss them and frankly it’s time life take a back seat while these boys still want me around.
9.     I want to take advantage of my vacation time more, even if it’s just a day or here and there for sanity purposes. This is actually necessary cause i'm soon going to be in that danger zone of use it or lose it and frankly losing vacation time is NOT something I believe in.
10.  TBD meaning I might add to this list as the year goes on ….

 So what are your plans for 2015 or are you more like Golden …

Happy New Year thanks for spending part of it with us!