Monday, July 18, 2016

I don’t know what to say …… so here's random thoughts to get us through

I’ve written several blogs of late, then shit happens and I think we’ll a stupid blog about the Olympics, the Tony’s, music, really anything seems very inappropriate right now, I’ll wait. Then I’ll write something else while I’m killing time get ready to post it and another serious thing happens, looking at you Dallas, looking at you Baton Rouge, looking at you police, looking at you the people police are supposed to protect, looking at you Orlando, looking at you France, looking at you Rio, looking at you politics … just so much going on in the world that seems to deserve these words that I just can’t string together so I don’t post. Then inspiration hits me and yet again something happens that just makes me sit back in my chair and think …. Damn.

I don’t doubt that I possess the power to talk about these events but what can I say that’s different than what anyone else has already said? If I just state the same thoughts that everyone else is saying what’s the point? Especially when they are all saying it so much better than I could. I think part of the problem is that there’s too many people out there giving their opinion on what people should do, could do, and how things could and should be different if things were different. There’s a lot of anxiety and passion on all sides of these stories and I’m not wanting to diminish any of that passion and I’ve already talked about my anxiety of exactly what these event breed and represent. So I won’t go there again, you can click the link and read that again.

So I’m sitting here tonight thinking that my stupid posts about the Olympics, music, and other randomness that might take people’s minds off of the world which is becoming really scary and really stupid and I don’t wanna be a part of it anymore.

So ….. here goes … my random thoughts from the last few months that really are for no other reason than because I wrote them and well here they are. . . .


We are heading into the home stretch in the Road to Rio, the trials have wrapped, the teams are set, bags are packed, and plane tickets are in hand as the greatest athlete’s around the world head to Rio to sort out whose the best of the best. I love the Olympics. I love the stories behind it. I love the drive of the athletes who have worked their entire lives for a single moment to change their lives. My favorite events are of course Gymnastics, the Diving competitions, the cycling events, Volleyball, Tennis, and some track and field. I get excited watching an unknown rise above the rest on the world’s largest stage. I also get excited when a veteran has one last shot at glory before riding off into the sunset.  My boss has already been put on alert that my phone will be on and I will be watching during the day, I’ll be tired from watching through the night what all I missed, and it’s going to be rough for a while but I’ll get my job done. It’s what I do. He’s aware and he understands, tho I’m not sure he really gets it. Have I mentioned I LOVE the Olympics.

The Olympics can also be really heart breaking. Already it has claimed it’s first victim. I was so excited with John Orozco was training for the Olympics after working his tail off to make the team and tore his ACL. He’s out. He was on the team in London and frankly it didn’t go well. He’s had one heck of a time of late losing his mom, having some other injuries of late but he needed to go back. To say London didn’t go well is just the biggest understatement. See to understand how bad it went he was the Simone Biles of the Men’s Gymnastic team back in London. He choked. The entire team did. It was their worst two days of gymnastics likely for some in their entire lives. Going to Rio was his redemption, was his way of saying that’s not the gymnast that I wanted to show the world. He was fantastic at the trials, he’s been fantastic at his last few meets, and now he has to sit on the sideline and watch his fellow teammates get on the plane. I cry for Orozco, I know there’s a reason this has happened, I know there’s a bigger plan for him, I just … I just can’t see that path right now. The man who is so into social media finally posted today and I cried again for a man that I’ve watched for years try to realize the dream that he’s had since he learned how to tumble and today he wrote that his Olympic dream will never be realized. I can’t imagine I can’t imagine what he’s going through right now, or what he does next. That’s the thing about the Olympics, when you walk away like a Michael Phelps it’s ok, but when the choice is taken from you that has to be brutal.

John Orozco Instagram

So see the Olympics gives and takes away. The drama has already started from Rio not being ready, to the quality of the water the athletes have to swim in, and the athlete’s haven’t even arrived yet. This Olympics is going to rock! August can’t get here fast enough.


It’s almost time for DragonCon, I received my progress report booklet last week and am very excited about the people on the list so far and look forward to more announcements as the 30th year of DragonCon gets closer. Once again this is the time of the year where I think yeah ok I’ll start looking at or for a costume, then start seeing other Cons and the level of Cosplay out there and I know I can’t compete. For one if you aren’t in a host hotel, and we are not it’s a giant pain in the arse to get back and forth even on a shuttle bus. For another it’s Atlanta, in late August .. and frankly it’s hot enough out there in regular clothing much less all the paraphernalia that comes with cosplay. So I’m going to leave that up to Golden, I’ll just follow her around and make sure she doesn’t walk into traffic cause she can’t see out of her mask. Oh and this year we are staying at the hotel near the aquarium so I’m hoping a trip to the aquarium is in my future. Better yet I’m driving so yes… GOLDEN we are going to the aquarium. Get ready.


So this summer I had plans, I was going to take a few days off and do something fun with my nephews, I was going to go here…there…and yonder and really enjoy the summer. That hasn’t and didn’t happen. My nephews just got back from an amazing trip with my brother and his wife (basically his entire family went, not sure why I said it the way I did) to the grand canyon and back. It was a pretty epic road trip from the sounds of it, they made stops in Roswell, at the Alamo, hiked up and down the canyon (they arrived the day that lady fell off the ledge and died – turns out some hikers were passing her and she stepped back and just fell off the cliff. Can you imagine how that had to have felt. The earth is under you one second then not. I can’t even …. Shudder. They had a great time. I on the other hand have sat on my duff at work or at home and haven’t traveled…. I’ve had this desire to go to the beach and I’m not sure why. My body is soooo not beach ready, I’ve never really had a draw to have sand in all the areas but suddenly I’m feeling this need to hear the ocean and watch the waves. The sound of it, the look of it rolling … It relaxes me. I thought I had a trip planned to see a friend and do just that but we’ve postponed that to December. So once again the only travel I’ll do this summer is DragonCon. I guess I did take a few days last May for Golden’s Birthday but that feels like it was a million years ago. I used to travel a lot … what happened…. ? How do I get back to that? Where do I want to go? Who knows, I’m not even sure the destination is the goal at this point, but I’m also not sure what the point is if the destination doesn’t matter.

Missing Internet Friends

What do you do when an internet friend that you spend a ton of time talking to about your various interest and become such a part of your day or week that you get so used to them being there that when they suddenly are not it’s hard to handle? I had a friend that I talked to on the internet via twitter, we would DM and tell each other about our days, if I had a crappy day I’d talk to her about it, she’d give advice as an outside person who could be very objective or we’d have conversations about the entertainment industry and I would talk her through or try to explain the crazy that was going on in the United States.

She and I would have these amazing chats and debates and it would always teach me something and I MISS HER MORE THAN I SHOULD seeing as how I don’t really know her. For as much as she helped me I like to think I did the same with her, but who knows. She was a big fan of the Tour De France and seeing that it’s nearly over and not a single tweet about it has come from her account proves to me that she’s either left social media all together (tho I think she would have told me that, plus none of our mutual “friends” have heard from her either). So I can only assume the worst. I tried to look her up but haven’t found anything about her and it makes me super sad that she has just vanished. Her last post was last Dec. before that she and I both were at loose ends with work and life but would always touch base and say hi …. I’m afraid my friend is gone and I’m sad that I never got to say good bye and thank her for what she taught me and to tell her that her voice and our conversations of the last few months would have been welcoming and allowed me to process what’s going on around me better. She and I would have had a field day with the political environment taking over the US and the Brexit situation. Then again I’m also glad that she’s missing some of that cause I wish I could miss some of it, heck I wish I could miss ALL of it. I miss you so much @ireno9 and if you should ever see this, I hope that wherever you are you are finally at peace and resting well. I also hope someone is watching your two dogs.

So there you go, some random thoughts from Marcy that I felt the need to share they aren’t going to change the world, they might not even change your day but I posted and that’s something cause here of late I didn’t feel that I had anything worthy to say and getting past that was a big step for me. I have more to come, if only because I think we could all use a distraction in today’s crazy world.

Everyone stay safe out there,


Marcy (@beaslma)