Thursday, April 30, 2015

May gave us Golden thus we Celebrate

As you may have heard, May not only has flowers after April showers, it’s also the month that gave us the greatness that is GOLDEN.

I’m not saying she’s forcing me to write this, cause she’s not but seriously she would if she lived closer to me, but alas she does not. Frankly the only bad thing about our friendship is that neither of us have created a portal that would allow us to move back and forth between my house and hers, which is really a damn shame and I blame science. Then again I also think we should build a giant oscillating fan on the tip of Florida so that we can blast hurricanes back out into the Gulf of Mexico but no one wants to take that one on either. COME ON SCIENCE WHAT THE HELL !!!! GET ON THAT too!!!! I mean really what ARE they doing with their time, grant money, and talents. I believe that the portal needs to be a priority and would totally solve so many problems. Travel time would be shorter, so people would see more of the world; awesome things would become accessible to more people; Twitter friends could connect in person and no one would care about the price of gas…damn it always comes back to gas doesn’t it.


Wait …. Um…. This was supposed to be about Golden …. Must get back on track. You may be wondering why I’m sending this on the Month Long Celebration of Golden Eve well that’s because during the epic start of this holiday extravaganza (May 1st) I’ll be getting myself ready to go to New Orleans for the weekend. I’m going to Jazz Fest and it’s going to be AWESOME! The main attraction in Sir Elton John, but there are a ton of other great bands playing on Saturday, the only day that I can go due to an ever ending insane work schedule. By the way that’s another use of the portal, I could have gone to Jazz Fest when ever I wanted, I could go to a Broadway show, and Golden could join us for Jazz Fest. I mean if we had the portal we could see the man in his Vegas show, hell we could spend every weekend in Vegas, the possibilities are endless, but only if Science gets off their ass and makes it happen. Looking at you future nerds, this should be your cause, your focus.

Look at it .. it could be so pretty!!!!!!!

The point is I miss Golden, portal or no portal I am in serious need of a “Golden fix” sure we text, we tweet, we stay connected but it’s not the same as sitting and laughing with her in person, and goodness knows we laugh a LOT at each other, at others, at Lulu, at her nieces, just literally every moment spent with her is a good one for my soul. (too much?!)

So I thought with all these kids getting ready to graduate both high school and college I thought I’d give them the secret … We work to keep this friendship going far beyond the miles between us. See here’s what they don’t tell you, the friends that mean something to you, the ones that really count, you’ll make time for, you’ll make the effort to keep in touch. Those that don’t will become every once in a while friends that you talk to “when you think about it” or more importantly when “they” think about it.

Both Golden and I have friends from college and high school that we rarely talk to anymore, and I have made it my business that I don’t become that friend for her. With Golden working “non-traditional” hours we don’t have our 3 hour gab fests during the weekend like before, but now we text throughout the day, at night, on the weekends, and are forever connected by this device always in my hand/pocket. This is why my phone has unlimited data. She knows I am literally a text a way and more important I know she is also a text away. Sure we still talk every once in a while, sometimes you just have more to say than can be said in text, and now when we talk it’s literally about EVERYTHING from work drama, to family drama, movies/TV shows we’ve recently watched, books we’ve recently read (or want to read), literally any and every single thing is on the table and it’s not uncommon for both of us to have to charge our phones during the conversation or become dead to the world for hours.


My point is there are people in your life worthy of a 31 day celebration and Golden is definitely that person.

It’s not something I do for everyone but for Golden it’s not even a chore. Her Birthday comes once a year, the rest of the time she asks for very little but gives to many so I can take 31 days to show her how awesome she is and make her birthday the best one ever at least until next year.
It doesn’t take much, really any acknowledgement of her birthmonth is a win for her, so hit her up on twitter, you’ll be glad you did cause let’s face it no one can tell a story like Golden, don’t believe me, ask her about her big ass crack baby dog, Lulu, climbing up a tree to get a bird’s nest then being unable to get down Golden had to scale said tree and … well she tells it better than me. Ask her … you won’t be disappointed in her answer.

So over the next 31 days or so i'll post several times telling you just what makes Golden worth of this Month Long Celebration but sadly unless you really get to know her you'll never really understand it so hit that follow button and join the fun! @theonlygolden --- cause it's true there's not another Golden that even comes close to her!

Happy Birthmonth Golden let’s get this Celebration started!!!


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