Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cosplay is not my forte

Don’t get me wrong I love Cosplay I really do but it’s like a LOVE/HATE relationship. It’s weird cause I totally LOVE Halloween. I love the idea that for one night I can literally be anything that I want. I mean one year for Halloween I made a Dog costume because my nephew who was going to be SpiderMan that year said SpiderMan needed a dog. So Dave the dog was born. I had a blast doing that, yet can’t seem to get geared up for DragonCon Cosplay. I don’t understand why other than the pressure to do something really good or not at all...

Something like …. Say … this …. I mean whose brain comes up with something like this?

Or this …. I don't even want to know how many hours this took to create

Or this …I wasn't even sure what this was but it was cool!

There are several things wrong with this pressure however….
  1. I like to be comfortable and walking around Atlanta at the end of August/early September just sounds HOT right now and I’m talking temperature hot. Like it’s stupid hot outside and a costume with wigs and outfits just sounds suffocating, especially when you start thinking about accessories.
  2. Have you ever tried to get in the back of an Uber car in a costume? How about on the bus? When not staying at a host hotel it’s just damn inconvenient. I want to be comfortable, I want to enjoy the Con, I want to look at all the pretty people and be in awe of their talents. These people btw are insanely talented if you've never been to one of these that's the thing that strikes you the most the amount of talent that Hollywood is letting go to waste!
  3. Anything over a size XL looks like a queen’s dress or some long velvet dress from the mid-ages, or tries to "make a big girl sexy!" I’m not sexy, never going to be sexy, don't no body want to see this body, and again a long velvet dress of say the Queen of England is not in my mind true Cosplay. Plus as I said before it’s too fucking hot for a velvet dress.
  4. I’d much rather be the person at the Con in jeans and a super hero T carrying around my camera taking pictures of all the awesome Cosplayers on the "display floor" of the host hotel. As I’ve said on numerous occasions I don’t like being the center of attention, I HATE having my picture made so to wear some Cosplay that gets attention would be awful. If I’m not wearing it to get attention when what’s the point?
  5. Cosplay, when done right, is time consuming. I have run out of time to put some real effort into a costume at this point and to half ass it seems, just well wrong. We won’t even discuss the amount of money people spend on their Cosplay because if I could buy a decent looking costume that wouldn't mean trading in my car, thus not being able to get to the Con, I’d totally do it. That’s not lazy that’s just smart!
  6. People can tell when you are phoning it in. Not all costumes have to be elaborate and have electronics involved but if you just put on a hoodie and a mask in my opinion you are just announcing the fact that you didn’t want to put the effort into this but you wanted to participate. I don’t know it just seems disrespectful to the people who have been working on their costumes since they woke up from their Con Coma last year.
So basically dear reader this post is my confession to Golden and our DragonCon crew that this year I will not be wearing any costumes. This is NOT a call to Golden and our crew to CREATE me a costume, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy don’t! I want to enjoy the Con, I want to walk around for a few days in jeans and a t-shirt, comfortable shoes, and just enjoy being with some awesome people. I want to take pictures, I want to share those pictures, and I want to enjoy my vacation stress free (stress less?). I also, if I’m making a want/wish list, want the DragonCon people to give the Windows Phone users an app that we can utilize throughout the Con, I want to stay in a host hotel next year, and lastly I want to watch DragonCon TV in an overflow hotel. I don't believe that I'm asking for too much here!

So until next time friends, I'll be the one in the Coulson/Fury T-shirt standing off to the side holding her camera and smiling at all the pretty!

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