Thursday, August 31, 2017


IT’S TIME!!!!!!

We have made the trek to Atlanta, we had minimal drama on the road, and have our badges in hand, and have checked into our A-MAZ-ING room, which happens to be within view of last year’s Dragon Con hotel, awkward. What this means for you dear reader is that DRAGON CON IS IN EFFECT. This is not a drill people, we have trained for this, we are ready….well after a nap. Once the nap is done we will be ready to roll.

On the way here we were immediately halted by a tractor driving down a 2-lane roadway in front of us. We couldn’t get around him so being the awesome person she is Golden yelled out the window for him to pull over which he did the first chance he got. So mad props to you sir. Then we were stuck behind some jerkoff in a Dodge, I have some previous PTSD trauma from a Dodge which I won’t bore you with here … I’m on vacay and don’t want to think about it. Once we got out from behind him it was smooth sailing until about an hour out of ATL when I-20 ground to a halt. Mad props to the CRV with DRAGON CON OR BUST written on their windows. I hope you got here safely.

First stop once we hit Atlanta was the parking garage near the Sheraton to stash the Hyundai while we went to get our badges. The line for the badges was smooth and awesome as always. For the last 4 years that’s been the easiest part of the Con. I can’t even imagine the amount of time and effort the volunteers put in for this event and I appreciate every single one of them. Give them a high five this weekend and remember most of the time they only hear the negative so throw some positivity their way too!

Our hotel is stupid big. Like for reals. The last member of our crew will be here this weekend and once she does she can bring like 40 people and we’d still have room for all the things. OK 40 might be a stretch but at least 3 or 4.

We are getting ready to head down to the Marriot for the Dragon Con countdown for those of you already here, come join us, it’s quite exciting when the countdown stars. If you are still traveling may you be safe.

Let’s have a great time this weekend !

Happy Con


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