Saturday, August 5, 2017


So I noticed a few weeks ago that our Blogaversary was coming up, and then like a husband whose been married for years promptly forgot about it until today. Our “TEST” post was on Aug. 2nd, 2014 … our first real post was on Aug. 3rd a day later. I say it was the first real one because it had content the other was me playing around to see how this crazy thing was going to work before posting the first one. Kind of a trial drive to the hospital before the wife looks across the room to say, um dear it’s time.  

It’s insane to me that we have been blogging for 3 years, yeah ok there was that time frame where we “took a break” so it hasn’t been constant blogging all the time but we showed up when we felt we had something to say. We didn’t want to have a blog that constantly hit you with nonsense but one that provided content worth your time as well as ours. Well that sounds better than we got busy/lazy and forgot this thing existed for a while…. Right?!

Truth be told like any deadbeat dad we only had one really bad year. In 2014, we had 83 posts spread out over 5 months; in 2015, we had 42 posts with at least one post a month for the entire year; in 2016 that’s where we really earned our deadbeat dad status. We had 13 posts in 2016, and missed 4 months in all which is when we were called in front of the Judge and given an ultimatum. Use it or lose it. Stop wasting the internet. So, this year we have made an effort to get back into blogging even if lately I feel like I’m using it more as a diary than a blog. We have only missed one month this year which frankly surprised me when I realized it was May which as you all know is the month of Golden. Upon reflection, I did post about Golden’s Birth Month but it was posted on the last day of April so technically we did post about May but technically we also didn’t if you want to get technical about it.

Our audience for this blog has been a little weird like our President we have a lot of people from the US have viewed our blog but the next largest audience has come from Russia. We also have people from France, Germany, Poland, and of course Canada and the United Kingdom.

Speaking of the United Kingdom I find it really funny that the post with the most page views, which is my favorite of all time, was the original fiction that I wrote about Haley and Michael sat the airport meeting Harry and Kate as they arrive in London for the Benefit Concert. I love that story and could read it every day and sometimes do when I feel that my talent has left me for good.

I tweeted the blog post to Haley and Michaels and they retweeted it to their followers and now it’s got 180 page views, the most of any of them that we have posted. 2nd is Golden explaining her Birthmonth that first year 3rd and 4th are also about Golden. What I’m saying is Golden is a huge part of this blog even if she only posts every once and a while. She’s much better at this than I am I just have a better internet connection.

During the life of this blog we have had 152 posts total, with over 11,530 page views which is really cool. We did have a single commenter “Grumybozo” who no longer seems to exist. I did find it ironic tho that the post about giving up social media started a conversation making me feel a little social. Well I did post a comment to one of the blog posts but I’m not counting that which is completely in my rights as I celebrate my Blogaversary … it is too a word Golden if you can make words up I can too! Why would anyone spell it Blogiversary …. No .. that’s just dumb. Blogaversary … that makes more sense and since we are making it up well that’s what we’ll use.

Returning to Golden she says “3 years is a pretty long time, even though I don’t do anything remotely like I should to keep it going. 3 years still going even little by little means you haven’t given up, so I’m happy with that. Congratulations!” I say to her thank you for bringing this project to me and starting it up cause we both know I wouldn’t have done it on my own.

Here’s to the next 3 years …… or more…. Oh who are we kidding let’s concentrate on just getting to the end of this year.

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