Sunday, August 3, 2014

Who are we and why should you care!?

It all started with a text … or a tweet … honestly I don’t remember, but I do remember there being some contact from Golden with “I have a project for us.” Which can mean anything from stalking our favorite celebrity – stalking has such a negative tone by the way … it’s more fanatical support – to hunting down a book, to saving for a super awesome trip (which is the biggest reason to stick around with this blog). Either way when she says that it always peeks my interest, because I know it’s something she’s excited about and her excitement is infectious, no seriously I think there should be an antidote but honestly I’d never take it. A few phone calls later, and about a billion text messages and it was decided yes .. we were going to think about the possibility, of doing a blog, in the near future... together….maybe.

This is what I envision the two of us looking like when we are both in a nursing home
laughing our tails off and having fun every time we are reintroduced.
If you are reading this dear reader then this means A. you have nothing better to do and B. We finally got on the phone and talked out the process: such as which site we should use, what the name of the blog should be (Say What?! -- pretty much leaves the door open for any and everything which is just how we like it. Maybe one day we'll share with you the "other options" and why they weren't chosen), and how we should access it… that kind of thing and most important C. We got off our duffs and made this a reality…so YIPPIE!!!!

The most important thing you need to know is that you will NOT have a single point of view on this blog tho Marcy's will likely be more long winded and Golden’s will be funnier, some say sarcastic but those people are just jealous of her awesomeness. We both have a creative side that the world has spent their time and efforts bashing into the ground and we have decided that like Twisted Sister, we aren’t going to take it anymore! In other words life often gets into the way of the creative process and the longer we let that happened the less likely it will be for us to get it back. 40+ hours a week on a computer in a time sensitive job makes one want to bash their head in instead of doing anything on a computer during your off hours.  

It’s time we take back the creative portion of our brain. This was the best way we could come up with that would give us that outlet, not really detract from our “jobs that pay the bills” and that would allow us to FINISH something. Just by starting it we have reached that goal, now the new goal is to maintain it.

This blog will not teach you anything, well it might; it won’t tell you what to wear, literally we won’t be getting into all that; it won’t tell you what to watch on TV, tho we do spend a lot of time with our beloved TVs and those shows/thoughts may make it to this screen more than once; and we won’t get all political cause that’s not why you are here. However our goal will be to hopefully make you laugh, make you smile, and maybe even make you think. Our true goal is that if you have a job similar to the one we have described above our creative break will also become your creative break.

Now sit back … and enjoy … we will strive to keep this blog updated and keep you entertained, but we make no promises, cause promises are made to be broken.

We love to meet new people so follow us on twitter and tell us you found us through the blog. We like using the hashtag #SayWhatMG So join us … chat with us, follow us on twitter and let’s get social.

Marcy @beaslma

Tomorrow…you will meet Golden :D Don’t miss it!  We are just getting started!

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