Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy 1 Month Blogaversary!!!!!!!

While technically our first post was on Aug. 2nd all it said was “Coming soon .... the thoughts, rants, and observations of Marcy and Golden. Join us … you’ll be glad you did”  so I count Aug. 3rd as our OFFICIAL first post if you don’t like it get your own blog …. No wait don’t leave!!!!

WE are thrilled that people are visiting, we are at 788 page views at this very moment. So keep coming back and bring your friends!

So I say to our readers HAPPY 1 MONTH BLOGAVERSARY and thank you so very much for joining us!

We have had a busy month. In 28 posts we have discussed of course the Con, the anxiety of the lead up to the Con, the guilt of leaving a furbaby behind, a post about music and what it does for us, an invite to join the ScarySocial, Lupus struggles, growing up or not, packing, and original fiction.

I hope the coming month will include more original fiction. I have written a few stories but all seem to long to post here, and aren’t 100% ready to put “out there yet.” We’d love to know what brought you to the blog, if there’s anything you’d like for us to talk about so let us know. So hit us up, either in the comments below or via Twitter.

In the meantime check out the previous moths posts while we continue to come out of our DragonCon stuper and I get over the Con Crud, if that is what I have. All I know is that at the moment I can’t hear and only half of my nose works at a time.

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